Kim Kardashian trolls Kanye West for what he's feeding their son Saint West

Kim Kardashian trolls Kanye West for what he's feeding their son Saint West

While his tales of tragedy and mental illness about, I'd imagine being Kanye West isn't quite all it's cracked up to be. But what's it like to be married to the guy? Moreover; what is it like to have Kanye West as a dad? Unfortunately, it's harder than you'd think to get an exclusive interview with North or Saint West, and Chicago West is still pretty busy being a baby to take my calls.

But on Instagram, Kanye West earlier this week posted a snapshot into his life as a father. He was subsequently trolled by his wife Kim Kardashian for what Kanye's apparently feeding Saint West. It's not every day that Kim K trolls someone on social media, but on this occasion, you have to admit - Kim's got a point.

2018 has been a bit of an eventful year for Kanye West, to say the least. He's released two albums, sure, but he's also caught a fair bit of heat online for not only throwing his support behind US President Donald Trump, but also for being recorded saying that 400 years of slavery "was a choice". He since apologised for saying this.

Anyway, after the birth of his third child Chicago West via surrogate, Kanye took a trip with his son Saint back to his stomping ground of Chicago (so that's where he got the inspiration for his third child's name).

On their father-son trip to the Windy City, Kanye took his boy to see the Chicago Cubs beat the Chicago White Sox at baseball, and then they headed to the Sugar Factory, where celebrity kids visiting Chicago tend to go. J-Lo's kid went there the other day. So did Kourtney Kardashian.

If you're something of a sweet tooth, then you'll have a lot of fun at the Sugar Factory, where there's rainbow-coloured cheeseburgers, insane amounts of candy, cakes and ice creams - including the 24-scoop, instant-diabetes-in-a-bowl King Kong sundae - to enjoy. Kanye West wanted to commemorate his father-son trip there, and did so with an Twitter post.

There was a pretty nice mirrored ceiling, so Kanye took advantage of it with a selfie. He also had the most Kanye West caption ever to go along with it. "When you at the sugar factory make sure you get that mirror shot -
This is not a paid post," said Kanye in typical Kanye fashion, but his wife Kim Kardashian had a teasing little troll to go along with it.

"Ummm what is our son eating for dinner?!?!" Kim Kardashian tweeted with a whole lot of candy emojis, and I think she's got kind of a point - if Saint stays with his dad much longer in Chicago, he's going to have a massive sugar rush and crash to contend with when he gets back home. Good luck getting Saint to eat his dinner now, Kim. You've got Kanye to thank for that.