Kim Kardashian's racy 'Yeezy' Instagram post has been given the meme treatment by the internet

Kim Kardashian's racy 'Yeezy' Instagram post has been given the meme treatment by the internet

Kim Kardashian appears to be Kanye's favourite muse, or so it would seem when it comes to who he picks to model his fashion line. The rapper has been showing off his latest Yeezy merch in the past few months, and Kim is often among those chosen to model the clothes.

In fact, there was one pretty quirky campaign where Kim was photographed paparazzi-style wearing Yeezy as she stepped out of a car and drank takeaway coffee. She then appeared to be "cloned" when other models wearing wigs and assuming the same poses recreated the exact same pics. If you ever wondered how she'd take over the world if she wanted to, I imagine it would be like this.

But Kim's latest promo post for her husband's side hustle seems to have caught the internet's attention for all the wrong reasons. Yes, she's near-naked, and yes, she's wearing shoes on the bed (tsk tsk), but it's the way that she's posing which has gotten people talking. Kim is known for raising eyebrows thanks to her racy poses, but this one is... something else.

"Like butter," she wrote in the caption, referencing the Yeezy shoes she's wearing in the post. The 37-year-old is pictured lying on a huge bed in her underwear, but the way she's positioned looks quite strange indeed.

People started commenting all kinds of hilarious alternative captions to the pic, including "When you get all ready and he cancels" and "'Kanye help, I've fallen and I can't get up.'" Another person suggested "When you’re told not to be dramatic," while someone else wrote, “this reminds me of a chalk outline from GTA.”

One individual could seriously relate, writing: "My Mood Right now, laying in bed, gotta pee, get ready for work....... but den I don’t feel like moving so I’m in bed like........."

A lot of people made the same joke that Kim's waiting for Andy to come home - a reference to Toy Story where all the toys have to freeze and be still in the presence of the kid Andy, whose room they live in.

But it doesn't end there. It seems that Kim's pose was just too funny for people to resist the temptation to photoshop her in various bizarre scenarios.

Here she is playing Twister:

Winning a race:

Joining in on the "Look Alive" dance:

And this:

Could it be a modern interpretation of this Kermit meme?

Here's the Toy Story one, visualised:

She really does look a bit lifeless...

But ultimately, this guy raised the most important point: "Shoes on the bed? You call yourself a role model?"

Even though Kim hasn't responded to any of the meme variations of her pic, I really hope she's seen a few of them because they truly are hilarious. Keep them coming, folks, because I feel there is still a lot of meme potential yet.