Kourtney Kardashian praised for showing off her stretch marks in bikini Instagram post

Kourtney Kardashian praised for showing off her stretch marks in bikini Instagram post

Kourtney Kardashian has been praised for posting a bikini photo showing off her stretch marks to the Instagram page for her lifestyle website POOSH.

Sporting a black and white polka dot bikini, Kourtney looked confident as ever while lounging on a yacht. In the caption, she draws attention to her stretch marks and touched on how to minimise their appearance.

As to be expected, considering how much so many of us yearn for unfiltered images showcasing bodies just the way they are, the post was met with an overwhelmingly positive response.

"Keeping it real," one person wrote, while another wrote: "That was a refreshingly positive and practical approach to stretch marks."

"About time ya'll got real about something!!" added a third.

Rewatch the moment Khloe tells her sister Kourtney that she wants to slap her in her "f***ing Mouth" in this shocking clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians:

While POOSH, which Kourtney launched at the start of the year, advises that the "best way to treat your stretch marks is actually to love on them," it also provides readers with detailed guidance on how best to minimise their appearance.

"Since scars are a permanent molecular change, you can only reduce them, not reverse them," POOSH states on its website. "And because scars and striae are much more pronounced when skin is dry and unhealthy, it’s smart to keep your skin ultra-moisturized."

It continues: "While it goes without saying that hydrating from the inside out is crucial, i.e. drinking plenty of H2O, it’s also important to eat moisturizing foods. Moisturizing foods are different than hydrating foods—which are also important—i.e. watermelon, cucumbers, apples, other high-water-content fruits, and veggies. Healthy fats and foods abundant in vitamin A are all moisturizing foods, like fish (take your omega 3s!), avocados, nuts, olive oil, and sweet potatoes. Antioxidant vitamins C and E play a big role in skin health as well, so eat and supplement your C and E to see results."

In any case, this isn't actually the first time that the 40-year-old reality star has shared a photo in which her stretch marks can be seen.

Again, many of the commenters praised the mom-of-three for her stab at body positivity.

"I love when we get to see stretch marks... normal bodies," one user wrote.

"I love the fact that you let your stretch marks show!" wrote another "Proud, hot mama!!"

"Oh wow, not airbrushed. You can actually see her stretch marks and this is what a real body looks like! I love it!" a third agreed.