Kourtney Kardashian's response to troll who mom-shamed her bikini picture is absolutely perfect

Kourtney Kardashian's response to troll who mom-shamed her bikini picture is absolutely perfect

Kourtney Kardashian seemingly has it all - three adorable children, an illustrious career in and outside of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and a 25-year-old boyfriend with a jaw so chiselled that Jon Hamm is sure to be envious. Oh and not to mention, she's got one of the best beach bodies going.

It's no secret that the 39-year-old priorities her fitness and wellbeing - she can often be seen sipping on flaxseed smoothies, and not-quite-indulging in some low-carb, keto diet - that is, when she's not in an exotic locale lounging around in a bikini - which her aforementioned diet and exercise regimen has clearly prepared her for.

But apparently her commitment to health and fitness has attracted the mom-shamers of the internet. In the past, the reality television star has been slammed for letting her children wear jewellery, and for what she chooses to don while at the beach. This time, however, Kourtney rightly put the trolls in their place.

Yesterday, Kourtney uploaded a photo of herself eating bread on a yacht while on vacation on Italy - and I mean, it doesn't get much better than that. But naturally, certain social media users had something to say about the fact that Kourtney, a mother-of-three, uploaded a snap of herself in a bikini.

"Just finished my daily basket of focaccia...hbu?," she captioned the envy-inducing picture.

While the 39-year-old doesn't usually take the time to respond to haters, when someone commented on her post and asked "where are your kids," she decided to clap back, and her response was perfect.

Instagram account, @commentsbycelebs, posted the entire interchange, which saw Kourtney reply "My son was taking the photo, and the other two were sitting a table across from me. Thank you so much for your concern."

Clearly it seems that some people can't grasp that you can be a great mother and wear what you want - because hello, we do have agency over our own bodies.

This is not the first time that Kourtney has had to brave the mom-shamers of the internet. Last month, her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, posted a photo of himself with their son, Mason. But instead of focusing on how adorable the snap was, people chose to criticise the 8-year-old's eyebrows, and his parents for leaving them rather than plucking them. Naturally, this is ironic, given that those who do alter their children's appearances are usually the ones to be called out.

"All this money and yet all that brow," one Instagram user wrote, while another added "Yikes! Fix his eyebrows!" Others, however, were more supportive, writing "Leave the poor kid alone... its a picture of him and his dad! Thats it, he can have his brows however, its none of our business."

Seriously, do people not have anything better to do with their time? Either way, good on Kourtney for taking a stand against the keyboard warriors.