Kristen Stewart posed with her Twilight daughter for a photo and she looks so grown up now

Kristen Stewart posed with her Twilight daughter for a photo and she looks so grown up now

The last Twilight film came out more than five years ago, and while many of us have long since dumped our books in charity stores, desperate to get the embarrassing memories of arguing whether we were #TeamJacob or #TeamEdward out of our heads, the saga lives on for many adoring fans.

The vampire love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen captured the hearts of millions of teenagers at the time, and like any beloved book or movie franchise, they were devastated when it all came to an end. But it seems now we can imagine how things for Bella and her vampire family might've panned out, thanks to a recent photo that was snapped at an event during Paris Fashion Week.

Kristen Stewart, who plays the human-turned-vampire and her constantly pained expression, attended a Chanel event in LA yesterday and bumped into her onscreen Twilight daughter, Mackenzie Foy. And it's safe to say that Foy, who played Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee, has really grown up.

Now age 17, Foy posed with 27-year-old Stewart at the launch of Chanel's user-generated beauty Instagram community, @welovecoco, and it's one of the first times the two have appeared in public alongside one another since the premiere of the last Twilight instalment. The two actresses starred in parts one and two of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, where Stewart was playing the role of a new mother and Foy that of a half-vampire child.

For those of you who don't know, the reason Bella has a full-grown child only days after giving birth is thanks to the fantasy genetics. Foy explained the situation in an interview back in 2012 with Clevver.

"She’s very kind. She also is shy," Foy said. "And she is half of a vampire, [so] she grows really fast. One hour she’ll be a baby, and the next hour she’ll be a toddler. It’s weird. And she’s really, really smart."

Only 11 at the time, Foy's mother had to be present at the shoots. The Californian revealed she wasn't even allowed to read the books, despite being in the films. "I’m just not old enough," she said at the time. As well as starring alongside Stewart in front of the camera, the two young actresses reportedly hung out in their spare time too, bonding while doing stuff like hiking. "Kristen is an amazing, sweet, wonderful actress and I'm so lucky to be working with her," she told MTV in 2011.

Foy has since gone on to star in a number of other blockbusters, including Interstellar and the upcoming live-action film based on The Nutcracker, where she snagged the lead role.

Their reunion at the Chanel event wasn't entirely random though. Stewart has been an ambassador for the brand for a few years now, also being one of Karl Lagerfeld's muses. Foy has also been involved in the fashion world, working as a child model back in the day for Ralph Lauren and Guess Kids.

It's amazing to see how far the two actresses have come since Twilight days, and always interesting to see how the mother-daughter duo would look now.