Kumail Nanjiani described pizza as 'overrated', and Twitter was not happy

Kumail Nanjiani described pizza as 'overrated', and Twitter was not happy

Whether you're having a party at home, are looking for a nice and agreeable dinner choice for everyone or simply drowning your sorrows in grease and hot, melted cheese, pizza plays a part in all of our lives. Pepperoni, parmesan or pineapple; regardless of topping, size or amount of dough, we all love pizza, and let's not forget: pizza loves us too.

But what if, in what seemed like a fulfilling long-term marriage with pizza, this was only just the honeymoon period? What if in our rush to order an XXL stuffed crust, we were actively choosing to overlook the flaws and foibles that come with everyone's favorite type of pie? In short, what if pizza were actually... overrated?

Don't be silly: of course that's not true, and online, you'll have millions of advocates to back up your claim. But that didn't stop the actor Kumail Nanjiani from tweeting about pizza and how it's apparently "overrated". Yeah, you can see why that might have been a bad idea.

This is how it started. A simple post, probably tweeted in earnestness rather than out of some twisted desire to cause outrage online. "I mean, it’s great. But the obsession with it is a bit much," revealed Nanjiani, who made his name in the Oscar-nominated The Big Sick, not to mention on the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley.

Nanjiani then went on to list the foods that he'd have rather than pizza. This turned out to be a huge mistake.

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Block. Kumail. Nanjiani. On. Twitter.

As they say: if you play with fire, don't be surprised if you get burned, and perhaps Kumail Nanjiani shouldn't have been surprised that things didn't end well for him. To begin with, however, there were some people who took sympathy on Nanjiani and his controversial opinion. Some even... agreed with him.

But soon, the tide turned on the 40-year-old comedian and actor, and Twitter was out in droves to tear down this outrageous and brave (but foolish) opinion.

Other showbiz figures, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks & Recreation producer Dan Goor as well as comedian Andy Richter, were among the Twitterati to turn, but in expressing his outrageously pithy pizza opinion, Kumail Nanjiani inadvertently woke the bear, and riled the one person on social media you definitely do not want to rile.

He upset Chrissy Teigen.

Fresh from the birth of Miles, her second child with musician John Legend, Teigen had an axe to grind and a hunger craving to satisfy, and with Nanjiani apparently fresh from an alleged "ice cream cake rage", Chrissy Teigen revealed he was "skating on thin ice", before descending into maniacal laughter.

Yeah, best to give Teigen a wide berth (pun unintended) after that one. Of course, in this modern day and age, we're all entitled to your opinion, but as Kumail Nanjiani found out, we're all similarly entitled to tell you exactly what we think of your opinion. Probably best to stick to HBO for a while, Kumail.