Kylie Jenner fires back at fans who criticised her living situation with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner fires back at fans who criticised her living situation with Travis Scott

Since managing to keep her entire pregnancy a secret – an impressive feat to be sure – Kylie Jenner has been fairly liberal with sharing updates about her personal life. Of course, this only seems natural from someone who grew up in front of a camera being filmed for a reality TV show that chronicles her entire family's life.

Since having baby Stormi in February with boyfriend Travis Scott, Kylie has been willing to keep fans in the loop throughout her new journey of motherhood. While she's still reluctant to share too many face pics of her daughter, the 21-year-old has kept us updated with snaps of her designer baby accessories, peeks inside Stormi's shoe closet (she can't even walk yet?!) and intimate family portraits.

Yet still, rumours have been circulating that she and Travis don't live together, suggesting that he's more involved in his rap career than helping out with Stormi. But Kylie has finally cleared things up in a new interview with Vogue Australia, where her sister Kendall asked all the questions.

After chatting about their childhood together, the origins of Kylie Cosmetics and how Stormi has changed her life, Kendall asked her sister "Is there anything else you want to talk about?” to wrap up the interview.

To that, Kylie responded by bringing up something that seemed to have been irking her: the rumours that she and Travis don't live together.

“I’m actually scrolling through Instagram right now, and it says that me and Travis don’t live together, and so I just want to say that we never miss a night with each other, we go back and forth from my Calabasas house and the city home that we actually got together," she said. "So just if you wanted to add that in.”

Roger that, Kylie.

And to those who think Travis is largely absent from watching Stormi grow, Kylie also had something to say. "What’s the best part about watching Travis become a father?” Kendall asked.

"We both experienced this for the first time, so I love learning together and just watching him with her," Kylie responded. "He’s so good with her and she’s really obsessed with him.”

Just yesterday, Kylie posted an Instagram pic promoting Travis' new album, suggesting she and Stomri were joining him on tour with the caption: "me and storm ready for tour".

I guess she really means it when she says they never miss a night together!

Kylie also talked about how having Stormi hasn't changed her lifestyle so much as it has altered her broader outlook to things:

"I don’t think my life has changed since becoming a mum: I think the way I look at life has changed since becoming a mum. I think more of the future. I used to live each day as it came, and now I look at the future more. I actually feel like I love myself more after I had Stormi. And I’m trying to be … I mean, I’m already a positive person, but just having fun, being positive.”

Kendall responded with: “Yeah, I can feel that. I feel you’re a lot nicer to me, now that you have a kid.”

Looks like it's a win-win for everyone!