Kylie Jenner is facing an angry backlash for disrespecting Jennifer Lopez at the VMAs

Kylie Jenner is facing an angry backlash for disrespecting Jennifer Lopez at the VMAs

Let me ask you a question: If you got the chance to see Jennifer Lopez perform live, what would you be doing? Dancing up a storm, cheering like a crazy person and all-round loving life all come to mind.

You know an option that doesn't stand out? Staying slumped in your seat, looking like you'd rather be anywhere else on earth than where you are at that moment. But, weirdly enough, that's exactly what Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott appeared to be doing when J-Lo put on an explosive performance at the 2018 VMAs on Monday night.

As the singer took to the stage to give crowds a medley of her certified bangers, fans went wild and were out of their seats in a heartbeat. However, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was criticised by fans online for looking bored as her and her baby's daddy stayed in their seats, looking a little drowsy.

Of course, fans of Lopez were not happy in the slightest and turned to social media in order to bash Kylie and Travis for not showing the appropriate amount of respect to their queen. "Am I the only one who wanted to walk up behind Kylie Jenner’s entitled Ass and make her stand up for ACTUAL talent? The disrespect smh #jloVMAs #vmas #jlo, [sic]" wrote Twitter user @MLDeLuca5.

She was joined by a user going by the username of @spongeorge93, who tweeted "Kylie had the NERVE to look at JLo like that during her flawless performance!!! #VMAs," as well as Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who proclaimed: "@KylieJenner looks so bored during @JLo's performance. KYLIE IS CANCELLED! #VMAs [sic]."

However, the 21-year-old was defended by some loyal fans, who argued that the reality TV star and her boyfriend shouldn't be judged for their reactions. Twitter user @Dointhedamntha1 claimed that people were reading too far into things, putting "This is so sad that she is being judged for not reacting how someone else feels she should have reacted, JLo was amazing and I'm sure Kylie agrees, people need to stop reading into things, people look for any reason to be negative @KylieJenner"

Another social media user agreed, writing: "THANK YOU FOR THIS!! Not a Kardashian fan but damn! People want to be negative so bad and for no legit reasons"

Perhaps they're right about people on Twitter making a big deal over nothing. After all, this isn't the only drama surrounding Kylie Jenner and a performer at the VMAs. Some viewers weren't happy either with her reaction to boyfriend Travis Scott's performance either, slamming the businesswoman for "not knowing the words" and showing little enthusiasm for her baby's daddy.

"Kylie that's your baby daddy, I'mma need you to get a lil bit more hype I feel like Kylie don’t even know the words to Travis’ songs lmao

So, are Kylie's reactions just not good enough? Or is she being slammed unnecessarily? You decide.