Kylie Jenner just tried cereal with milk for the first time and fans are absolutely roasting her for her reaction

Kylie Jenner just tried cereal with milk for the first time and fans are absolutely roasting her for her reaction

In case you haven't noticed, the Kardashians are a relatively popular bunch these days.

Though the source of their fame is disputable - as is the claim that Kylie is close to becoming a 'self-made' billionaire - what cannot be disputed is the family's sharp business acumen, ably abetted by PR wizard/evil genius Kris Jenner. With that being said, it hasn't all been plain sailing for America's most famous family.

Last year, Kendall Jenner - perhaps unfairly - bore the brunt of a furious backlash over an ill-advised Pepsi advert that drew unfortunate parallels to the Black Lives Matter movement. Then Kendall and her sister Kylie found themselves in hot water once more after releasing a line of t-shirts embossed with their Instagram snaps superimposed over images of famous musicians. The line drew widespread criticism, even drawing the ire of Sharon Osbourne, before being abruptly pulled.

2018 has been a far happier year for the Karjenners thus far, though. After speculation over the various sisters' pregnancies reached a crescendo, interest in the family was arguably at its zenith. Khloe gave birth, Kylie gave birth, and Kim welcomed a baby via a surrogate.

However, for one particular member of the family - the aforementioned Kylie, she of Kylie Cosmetics fame - there was still one milestone yet to be completed in 2018: trying cereal with milk.

Yes, that's right, good people of the internet: Kylie Jenner had, until bemusingly recently, never eaten cereal with milk. There are several points worth exploring here, most important of which is that Kylie has, until now, presumably eating cereal straight from the box, dry, like an absolute heathen.

I am convinced that anyone who eats cereal in such a manner is stuck so firmly in an illusion of their own childhood that there's no real hope for them, but as it's Kylie Jenner doing it I'll cut her some slack, because she's probably somehow made it look cool; all Dolce and Gabanna encased shreddies box and some sort of gold-plated cereal tong to pick out each individual grain.

Kylie, documenting her newly adventurous culinary spirit in a tweet, described the experience as "life changing" and, as predictably as Golden State winning yet another championship this year, she got absolutely roasted for it.

Kylie; so brave, so courageous, so adventurous, a trailblazer, a connoisseur. We are not worthy. Enjoy your breakfast, you self-made billionaire, you.