Kylie Jenner looks absolutely stunning in 'make-up free' cover shoot for Vogue

Kylie Jenner looks absolutely stunning in 'make-up free' cover shoot for Vogue

When you're a member of arguably America's most famous family, you're likely to cause a stir pretty much every time you leave the house.

Of course, the Kardashians court controversy more than most, and it would be fair to say that the family has enjoyed more than their fair share of scandals over the past year or so.

Last year, Kendall Jenner came under fire for her part in an ill-judged Pepsi commercial, while Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna aired their dirty laundry in public in unprecedented fashion.

More recently, we've been confronted with clips of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian at each other's throats over scheduling conflicts for a photoshoot, with Kim even stooping so low as to describe her sister as the least interesting of the family to look at.

Then, Kylie Jenner turned 21 in a wild birthday bash during which a model and influencer collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance.

So far, so Kardashian.

Since Kylie became a mother, she has perhaps been a little more reticent than her previous, selfie-loving self, though she still treats her fans to regular fiery Instagram updates with regularity. Fans had become used to Kylie's iconic pout - which she monetised in the form of her startlingly successful makeup brand, though were shocked recently when the socialite revealed that she had removed her lip fillers, debuting a much more natural look. It was an instant hit with her legions of admirers, and now it seems that she has decided to continue in a similar vein, after photos emerged of her first Vogue cover.

Debuting a stripped down look, Kylie looks absolutely flawless for the covershoot:

Then, her stylist revealed that she was wearing no makeup, only moisteuriser for the pictures:

And it's fair to say, she looks absolutely beautiful:

Fans took to Twitter to describe the 21-year-old as "pure":

It's great to see more and more influential celebrities embracing natural looks to show fans that, however you choose to present yourself - glamorously made up, or more 'natural' and stripped down - you are beautiful either way.