Kylie Jenner posts selfies to celebrate her 'abs making a comeback'

Kylie Jenner posts selfies to celebrate her 'abs making a comeback'

Kylie Jenner, much like her sisters, has quite the social media presence. For those that care to look (even to complain about or criticise them), there is a plethora of material out there to satisfy, and plenty of controversies too. However, given the fact there is so much of the Kardashians and Jenners online, fans get pretty frustrated when some information is held back from them.

For instance, when Kylie Jenner started making fewer and fewer appearances online, merely telling everyone that she had decided to step away from the spotlight for a while, people wanted answers. Then, they had their theories, namely that the twenty-year-old was pregnant.

That particular theory gained more momentum over time, and by time she revealed to the world that, yes, she had been pregnant, we all let out a collective "duh".

It was a little surprising, however, that she had managed to get to hospital, give birth to her child, then start the recovery process, all before any of her mega-fans knew anything about it. Once the news was out, the media circus began anew, this time all about how Kylie and her partner Travis Scott were feeling as new parents, with fans desperate to see their first daughter, Stormi.

Once fans got their fill of cute snaps of the newborn baby, Kylie started updating people on her workout routine after the pregnancy - as did her half-sister, Khloe. In a video uploaded to YouTube, filmed in July, she spoke about getting back into shape, and how she feels like she has "fake abs".

She went on to describe how she wanted to work on her core for general health reasons:

"I planned my first workout for Monday. I'm not even doing it to get in shape [...] I really want to gain my core back.

"I feel like I have fake abs right now, it's just like, genetics, but I want real abs. I know I can have a super fit body, just for my health, I want to feel good."

Recently, she hit up Instagram and Snapchat to show off the progress she's made since, and frankly, she looks nothing like she gave birth earlier this year. Maybe having all the money in resources in the world really does pay off?

On her Snapchat story on Tuesday night, she shared her progress, adding "abs making a comeback!!!!" to the video below, later shared by fans onto Instagram:

She also shared another selfie shot to her fans:

Weirdly enough, it recently came out that Jenner, who turned 21 this month, high-fived her friend about not beng pregnant at 19 - as a recently-resurfaced video showed.

The clip was shared by @kardashianclips on Instagram, showing Kylie and her close friend Stassi Karanikolaou, answering the question "Are you pregnant?"

"I'm not pregnant," Kylie responded. "Never was." The duo high-five, before Jenner says: "We did it. 19-years-old and we're still not pregnant."

Well, she did make it to the big 2-0 before that changed, so she wasn't totally wrong...