Kylie Jenner reveals daughter Stormi's real cake after weather ruined her first birthday

Kylie Jenner reveals daughter Stormi's real cake after weather ruined her first birthday

Okay, Kylie: you got me. I did not see this coming at all. I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling a distinct sense of déjà vu: just a week ago, I was telling you all about Kylie Jenner and her birthday cake for baby Stormi, who turned one back on Feb 1.

Talking about the big day, I remember feeling a little underwhelmed by Kylie Jenner's efforts, as she came up with a low-key table and cake for her daughter's first birthday.

Stormi Jenner Birthday Cake Credit: Instagram

"Oh, isn't that sweet?" I thought - as many of you probably did - upon seeing the cake, but it turns out, all I had to do was give it a week or so. Yep, just this weekend, we got Stormi's real birthday cake, and it's about as extra as I was expecting from Kylie Jenner. Maybe even a little bit more extra.

Okay, so here's the deal: there's only one person who can successfully ruin a Kardashian birthday party, and while Kris Jenner is secretly known as the puppet master behind the Kardashian's success, Kylie's mother ain't got nothin' on Mother Nature.

Kylie Jenner Instagram Credit: Instagram

I'd hate to rain on Kylie's parade, but Mother Nature had no such issue: Kylie's first birthday was ruined by rain, which might help to explain what went on with the low-key nature of the previous event. It was low key, but it was also Plan B, because Plan A was still in the works, as we soon found out.

What was in the works, ladies and gentlemen, was "Stormiworld": a completely over-the-top amusement park experience for a baby, and you'd better believe the cake was just as insane as the festivities around it. Check it, folks.

Stormi Jenner's official effort for her first birthday cake was a towering, tiered cake, complete with an actual carousel. With moving horses and everything. Knowing Kylie, they were probably edible as well. "I can't get over this cake!" gushed Kylie on Instagram, and honestly, who could blame her?

Kylie Jenner Instagram Story Credit: Instagram

The whole thing looks like a still from the Wizard of Oz movie brought to delicious cake life, and Kylie took the time to thank master architect and baker, Julie Simon. Simon herself shared the cake in better detail on her own Instagram page, and there, she did seem to confirm that everything - everything - on there is edible.

Go figure.

"I have dreamed of making a sugar carousel, where the horses went round and round and up and down. Yesterday, I got to make that dream a reality! Everything you see is made of sugar - from the carousel to the flowers. With love and magic, Julie."

Not only that, but attendees at Stormi's big day got to enjoy of little snacks too; chief among them, cookies with the birthday girl's face on them. Which is... lovely, I suppose.

You know, for a while there, I thought that motherhood had eased out the extravagance of Kylie Jenner's birthday bashes, but looks like she's right back to form with this incredible birthday cake. Happy birthday Stormi! You might not remember this now, but you'll definitely remember this later on.