Kylie Jenner reveals via Instagram story all the foods she eats for breakfast

Kylie Jenner reveals via Instagram story all the foods she eats for breakfast

Kylie Jenner's eating habits are something we're all very invested in, I'm sure, and luckily for us, they're something we can find out with a few swipes of a screen or clicks of a button. She made headlines last year when she tried cereal for the first time (she was a big fan), and there's always something new to pore over.

The 21-year-old's Instagram feed is always a good source of information regarding her latest hairstyle or the status of baby Stormi, but take a look at her latest story and you'll be able to see what Kylie Jenner eats on a regular basis when she wakes up in the morning.

Kylie kicked things off with the liquids, getting the juices flowing by blending together a healthy morning juice consisting of carrots, apple, ginger and celery. Once that glass of glorious green has made its way down her throat, it's time for the solids. First up are eggs.

Kylie Jenner morning juice Credit: Instagram

We've all scrambled a few eggs in our time, folks. Crack some shells, beat some yolks, remove some shell from beaten yolks, pour into pan - yum. Alongside that, Kylie likes to fry some bacon, slice up an avocado, and serve up the entire thing with some toast. Balanced, nutritious and delicious - what's not to like?

Kylie Jenner breakfast Credit: Instagram

Looks delicious, doesn't it? But the life of a Kardashian is more than just selfies and stories, and between modelling shoots, public appearances or just being an amazing mom to baby Stormi, Kylie's simply not got the time to cook a nutritious breakfast, nor spend a decent time cooking at any point in the day.

So, what does she do then?

It's impossible to know completely, but Postmates might have a really good answer for us. The delivery app recently shared all of Kylie Jenner's food delivery habits from the past year or so, and there are some interesting bits of information that give us an insight into the 21-year-old socialite's eating habits.

Kylie Jenner Credit: Getty

Over the preceding 365 days, Kylie ordered food around once every two days at a total of 186 days, spending around $10,000 in the process. Postmates blog The Receipt went into more detail, and although once she ordered five times in a single day, she also used Postmates to order a bottle of water and a single carrot.

"Her most expensive order consisted of Don Julio Añejo 1942 Tequila while her smallest order was a bottle of Smartwater and a single carrot. Yes, you can Postmate a single carrot regardless of if it’s the only ingredient you’re missing — or you have a carrot craving." 

But regardless of what she orders, Kylie Jenner isn't completely dependent on the delivery life to keep her well nourished. If she's got a bit of free time or if she's hard on cash (let's be honest - it's probably always going to be the former), she knows she can rely on her cooking skills to have a nice, delicious breakfast.