Logan Paul kicked out of Yosemite National Park, and exploits car accident in new video

Logan Paul kicked out of Yosemite National Park, and exploits car accident in new video

All those people doing the "Snorting Condom Challenge" and "The Tide Pod Challenge" are pretty stupid, but at least they're not exploiting a dead body for views. We all remember Logan Paul, the video blogger who went to Japan's infamous Aokigahara Forest and mocked a suicide victim they found hanging from a tree. The video sparked a huge backlash, for obvious reasons. YouTube eventually punished Logan by removing him from their preferred ad program, and cancelling his upcoming projects with YouTube Red.

Shaken by the scandal, Logan apologized, and said he was taking time off to reflect. A few weeks later, he returned to YouTube with a video about suicide awareness. On social media, some people commended Logan for treating the subject seriously. Others criticized him for making a manipulative, narcissistic PR piece to rehabilitate his image. But "The New Logan Paul" didn't last long. In his very next video, he was back to his obnoxious antics, tasering dead rats. Why was he tasering dead rats? Because he says hates rats. The vlogger received another round of online scorn, and YouTube doled out an even harsher punishment, temporarily removing advertising on all of his videos.

Last week Logan Paul celebrated his birthday. Despite acting like he is three, he is actually 23 years old. To celebrate this milestone, he went on a camping trip in Yosemite National Park. Since all the camping sites were booked, he and his friends pitched tents on top of his bus. It sounds like a fun idea, but they remained in the tents while the vehicle was moving, which broke the rules. Park rangers gave him citations for unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and improper food storage.

When fans of the YouTube star - called "The Logang" - saw he was at the park, they invited him to stay at their campsites. Of course, everyone in "The Logang" is very young, and very loud. After receiving noise complaints from several campers, the rangers asked Logan and his posse to leave the park. After just a couple days, Logan Paul is more hated in Yosemite National Park then Yogi Bear.

In one of his videos about the trip - entitled "OUR LAST DAY IN YOSEMITE WAS A DISASTER" -  Logan exploited a car accident. At around the seven minute mark, he falls out of a kayak, wanders out of a river and hears a crash. He races to the scene, and sees two cars with damage. It appears that a pickup truck t-boned a cargo van. Logan asks the shocked families if they are okay, and they confirm no one is seriously injured. At one moment, a kid in the background can be heard saying "ow," but it's not clear if that's related to the accident.

Yeah, the video sounds worse than it is. Nobody was hurt in the wreck, and Logan didn't do anything too obnoxious. But people have argued that this clip proves he hasn't learned anything. After all, he's ambushing people who got in an accident and exploiting their misfortune for views on a YouTube channel with 21 million subscribers. Their faces aren't even blurred. Just because you can film something doesn't mean you should.