Macaulay Culkin recreated classic scenes from Home Alone and it's exactly what you needed

Macaulay Culkin recreated classic scenes from Home Alone and it's exactly what you needed

Who doesn't love Home Alone? The 1990 Christopher Columbus classic tapped into every kid's fantasy: getting the house to yourself, without any overbearing parents or annoying siblings to bother you. When the McCallister family forgets 8-year-old Kevin behind, he's free to scarf down junk food, stay up all night and watch whatever he wants on TV.

As time goes on, Kevin realizes that he does miss his overbearing parents and annoying siblings. No matter how much we fight with our family, we still love them, and need them. There's no one to protect Kevin when two scary burglars break into the house. But luckily, he's a genius. The 8-year-old creates a series of sadistic traps, attacking the Wet Bandits with paint cans, a blowtorch, a BB gun, shovel, tar, nails, broken glass and a scalding hot door handle.

Have you ever heard the theory that Kevin McCallister grew up to become Jigsaw from the Saw movies? I think it's quite plausible.

The first Home Alone was a megahit, and audiences demanded more. They got their wish with the sequel: Home Alone 2: Somebody Please Call Child Protective Services. I mean, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. This time, the McCallisters forget Kevin behind in The Big Apple, and he somehow runs into the same burglars once again. Yeah, it's completely ridiculous, but who cares? The movie delivered, giving us another round of slapstick comedy and sentimental vibes.

The series went on to produce three more sequels - yes, three - but you haven't seen them, have you? Me neither. Home Alone 3, 4 and 5 starred a totally new cast, and it's just not the name without Macaulay Culkin as Kevin.

Today the actor is 38 years old, and while he doesn't appear on the big screen too often, he has made charming public appearances. At the American Music Awards, people couldn't believe how good he looked. During a podcast interview, he revealed he turned down The Big Bang Theory three times. He's appeared on The Tonight Show, Ellen, The Joe Rogan Experience, but it's just not the same. We want more Home Alone!

Well, good news, fans of neglectful parents and burglars getting tortured! Macaulay Culkin recreated classic scenes from Home Alone and it's exactly what you needed. In a commercial for Google Assistant, Macaulay realizes he's got the house to himself for the day. Time for this 38-year-old to celebrate like he's 8!

Of course, since Kevin's all grown up, and is using a virtual assistant, the scenes play a little differently. He runs out of aftershave and sets a reminder to buy more; he can see pizza-guy at the door through video chat; the moving mannequins and basketball player cut-out are voice-activated - you get the idea.

This is probably the closest we'll ever get to a real Home Alone 3, so sit back and enjoy the nostalgia. Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!