Mark Wahlberg reveals his intense daily workout schedule, which begins at 2:30AM

Mark Wahlberg reveals his intense daily workout schedule, which begins at 2:30AM

Today Mark Wahlberg took a break from secretly feuding with Leonardo DiCpario to share his intense workout regime. We know from his movies that the 47-year-old actor is totally ripped, but who knew his daily schedule was so grueling? Believe it or not, he starts his day at 2:30AM. That's right, 2:30AM. While we're stumbling into our apartments drunk, and collapsing onto our beds with our clothes still on, Marky Mark is just starting his day.

Many people broadcast their lives on social media, trying to emulate the paradigms of physical perfection set by actors and models. Skeptics speculated that Wahlberg used steroids to achieve his stunning physique, but he shut down those rumors, stating his muscles were "all natural." "That's hard work," said Mark in an Instagram video, flexing his bicep. "If you wanna do something right, you've gotta work hard, baby." But what does that mean, exactly?

Mark Wahlberg answered this "frequently asked question" by sharing his insane daily schedule on Instagram Stories. Let's start with his morning, which for many of us is still nighttime. At 2:30AM, Mark wakes up. At 2:45AM, he prays, and at 3:15AM he eats breakfast. (Thirty minute prayer sessions; he is a devout Catholic.)

From 3:40AM to 5:15AM, Mark works out. Then he follows that up with a snack, and hops in the shower at 6AM. According to his schedule, the next thing he does is go golfing at 7:30AM. Is there a typo here, or does he actually shower for 90 minutes? If it's the latter, wow, he really likes to get clean. Mark didn't explain the 90-minute shower,  but he did post a clarification about golf on Instagram Stories: He plays 18 holes of golf from 7:30AM to 9AM, with a snack on the course at 8AM.

At 9AM, Mark hops into a cryogenic chamber, where his body is blasted with extreme cold for three minutes at a time. The temperature can drop down to 150 degrees below zero, and supposedly it helps relieve muscle pain. "I'm telling you, it is great for recovery, and it just takes all the inflammation out of your body," Mark told Ellen on her daytime talk show. "It helps you sleep good."

At 10:30AM, Mark has a snack, then at 11:00AM he does "Family time/meetings/work calls." ("Want to do Daddy's Home 3?" "Yes!") That's followed by lunch at 1PM, and more "meetings/work calls" at 2PM. ("Want to do do a Marky Mark and The Funky Brunch reunion concert at Coachella?" "No!") At 3PM, Mark takes a break from the Hollywood grind to pick up his kids at school. Like John Krasinski, he makes sure to put family first.

At 3:30PM, he has a snack, followed by workout number two. That's right, while we struggle to complete one workout a day, he does two. I hate you, Marky Mark! Anyway, the Boogie Nights star showers at 5PM, does dinner/family time at 7PM, and goes to bed at 7:30PM. So, if you want to look like Mark Wahlberg, you have to wake up at 2:30AM and go to bed at 7:30AM? No thanks. Screw that. I'm out!

But hey, maybe the sacrifice is worth it. "Anything we've earned in this lifetime, we've worked for," Wahlberg told Entertainment Tonight. "It's the thing! Get up early, get it in, work hard and then you have the rest of your day."