Meghan Markle suffered an accidental wardrobe malfunction and people are ridiculously criticizing her for it

Meghan Markle suffered an accidental wardrobe malfunction and people are ridiculously criticizing her for it

It was Meghan Markle's first birthday as a royal on Saturday, and rather than skip off to an exotic locale like she did with Harry last year,  the couple kept it local. Prince Harry and his new wife were invited to the wedding of one of his childhood friends, a ceremony which took place on a sunny day in Surrey, England.

The wedding was of Harry's best friend Charlie van Straubenzee, and it is rumoured that Harry was asked to be his best man. In fact, Charlie was one of the ushers at Harry's own recent wedding to the former Suits actress.

But rather than ooh and ahh at the trivial little facts like that, people decided to get all snooty and pick on Meghan Markle for what she was wearing... again.

The Duchess of Sussex has been the target for haters ever since joining the royal family, with people laughing at the fact that her hat once looked like the poop emoji, or that – most shocking of all – she once bared her shoulders (*shudders*) with an off-the-shoulder dress.

But while attending the wedding on her 37th birthday, Meghan experienced a little wardrobe malfunction. While walking across the grounds from the car, she was snapped waving and smiling when a button popped on her Club Monaco dress – a dark number with light swishy fabric. What caused people to toppled off their stools and spill their tea all over themselves was the fact that a teeny, tiny sliver of lace was seen peeking out from the dress.

Yep, Meghan had accidentally flashed her bra, which as you can imagine sent the hoity-toity corner of the internet into a huff.

I mean, wow. Why is this news again? Why do people like getting so upset about something minuscule that happened to someone they don't know at an event they have nothing to do with?

Dear reader, I invite you to bang your head against the wall alongside me because A) a popped button happens to the best of us B) it was an accident and C) don't we all have bigger fish to fry?

We know that most women wear bras, right? So why is it such a monumental shock to see that Meghan was wearing one? Is it really such an outrageous sin to reveal that she wears undergarments?

As well as that, the dress in question arguably looks like it could be one of those styles that works when you let a little bit of lace or other detailing from your bra peek out anyway. And I know that she's a royal and all now, but have you seen the kind of stuff other celebs pull off? Give the girl a break.

No-one was injured thanks to the bra-flashing debacle, and it appears that the wedding ran smoothly nonetheless. Can we all go back to caring about more important things again now?