Meghan Markle's sister compares her to Donald Trump in wild new rant

Meghan Markle's sister compares her to Donald Trump in wild new rant

Ever since Meghan Markle started a relationship with her now-husband, Prince Harry, her sister, Samantha, has seemed intent on doing all she can to cut herself a slice of the media attention. Over the past couple of years, she's given controversial television interviews, started writing a book, and even changed her surname to Markle (it used to be Grant) in order to wangle her way into the limelight.

But it seems that the attention she'd already got wasn't enough, as, this week, she went on an epic Twitter rant.

"I am not candy coating anything anymore! The DUCHASS should be humane to our father who has given her everything and this media crap can stop!" Samantha tweeted on Monday. "He was the one who was always there for her. Fake waves and smiles can stop. The duchass can bow to the daddy."

She then went on to compare her younger half-sister to the current president of the United States, saying, "[He] thinks he can shoot someone and still get votes. She can dump an entire family both sides and a best friend of 30 years and ignore it and be popular. Sad."

She continued: "She was the one who crapped on both sides of the family and she wants everyone to be quiet and not respond? I am not surprised Trump said he could shoot someone and still get votes. Same mentality here."

But her rant didn't end there.

"Sorry folks there is no valid or a good argument in favor of inhumane treatment of both sides of the family and a best friend of 30 years. Snobbery and arrogance are not humanitarian traits. She has an obligation especially to treat our father with kindness. She is not a nice person. It is all an act. Nice people don't dump everyone...It's a habit…actually it is an MO she disowns everyone after they are spent."

Throughout the rant, Samantha repeatedly referred to Meghan's "best friend", Ninaki Priddy, who has also made some disparaging comments about the former Suits actress in the past. However, the main focus was on Meghan's alleged mistreatment of the sisters' father, Thomas Markle.

"Wake up public! I've never seen such an ignorant world in my life," she wrote. "There is more of a burden on her to be good to our Dad as she claims to be a humanitarian.

"Because she is Royal and in the public guy (sic) she has more of a responsibility and it would be common sense to act with more kindness and humility especially towards family especially towards our father who gave her everything her whole life."

Though it is no surprise to hear Samantha say these things (after all, she's been peddling the same points for a long time now), it may come as a shock to know that Thomas Markle himself seems to think that he is the one who needs to ask for forgiveness.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he reportedly begged for a "final chance" to patch things up with his younger daughter.

For all her complaints, then, it seems that Samantha Markle still doesn't have anything new to say about her sister. And if her aim in going on this rant was to land herself some more publicity, then I guess she's earned it - but at what cost?