Mia Khalifa sparks huge debate online after handing in her gun to police

Mia Khalifa sparks huge debate online after handing in her gun to police

In the wake of the multiple mass shootings that have rocked the US in recent years, the debate on gun control has continued to wear on. Whether it was the shooting in a Florida school that left 17 dead and 17 injured or the recent Texas shooting that killed 10 people, America is a country torn when it comes to the second amendment - with there being those calling for guns to be prohibited, and others who claim that the country needs more guns to protect itself.

Whatever category you fall in, there's no denying that the second amendment has become one of the biggest talking points across the planet. With the rise of Twitter, the debate has raged online, with people from both sides of the fence weighing in with their opinion. Now, however, it was the turn of Mia Khalifa.

Khalifa - a former adult actress turned sports presenter - is known for her ability to cause a stir online. Whether it was shooting a pornographic movie while wearing a hijab or depicting herself as Mary, mother of Jesus, Khalifa is a master when it comes to the art of triggering people, and her latest post has only emphasised this.

Taking to her Twitter account, Khalifa revealed that she was handing in her gun as a protest against the school shootings that have hit America in recent times. In a lengthy explanation, she wrote:

"I’m turning in my gun to the police today and leaving my gun rack empty, just like the beds of all the lost children. I’m not against the 2nd amendment, I am against the untimely deaths of children."

The 25-year-old then revealed that she would be donating the value of the weapon to charity, writing:

"I will be donating the gun’s value ($1,500) to the Everytown organisation. Having it doesn’t make me feel safer, but relinquishing it does make me feel like I’m setting an example. Every small action matters."

Finally, Khalifa thanked Austin Police for making the process easy.

"They couldn’t have made it easier. Thank you Austin Police for picking up my weapon for safe destruction. This may not affect anyone but, but it’s symbolic. If all of us were to do something small, eventually it will add up and change the world."

Despite her peaceful protests, fans were outraged by her choice to hand in her weapon, with one user arguing that the one thing America needs is more guns:

"Turning in your gun is what criminals want. Focus your star power on making sure the schools have armed guards, metal detectors and single entry. That’s how you protect the children."

Another agreed, saying that taking action is the only way to stop this worrying trend:

"Please don’t do that, Mia! That is the difference between being a subject and a citizen! The only thing that stops evil is good people taking action! Arming all teachers and administrators would help solve this problem!"

One user said that by handing in her gun, Khalifa has put herself in danger.

"So...now what are you going to do if you ever attacked? See that nice policeman standing pretty for the camera?.....takes him on average 7 minutes to get to you......not a smart choice."

While others accused her of simply being attention seeking.

"No, if that’s what you believed you would have done it privately not turned into a spectacle by posting media, this is just an attention grab to stay popular."

Whatever side you fall on when it comes to the right to bear arms, it seems pretty ridiculous to be getting so angered by a peaceful protest carried out by Mia Khalifa. If only those people could channel that anger into making a more peaceful country, then we might actually see change.