Michael Jackson biographer claims court documents prove 'Leaving Neverland' allegations are false

Michael Jackson biographer claims court documents prove 'Leaving Neverland' allegations are false

A Michael Jackson biographer is claiming that court documents prove that at least one of the allegations levelled against Jackson in the damning two-part documentary 'Leaving Neverland' is false.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Mike Smallcombe revealed that one particular testimony made by Joy Robson in the highly publicized 1993 trial against the late Thriller star, contradicts a claim that her son Wade Robson made.

Wade Robson was one of the two men - the other being James Safechuck - who was given a platform to discuss his alleged abuse at the hands of his then-idol Michael Jackson.

James Safechuck claims that he "married" Jackson and received jewellery in exchange for sexual acts. This seems to be corroborated by this disturbing unearthed video of the megastar buying jewellery for a young boy:

Much has been made of the fact that both men testified in Jackson's defence in the 1993 trial - Robson having testified a second time in 2005.

And just as Robson stood firmly by Jackson's side in a court of law, so did the 36-year-old's family.

In fact, it was the testimony made by his mother, Joy Robson, that seems to dispute one key detail which supposedly sparked years of sexual abuse and manipulation.

That key detail was a recollection by Robson of the very first time he was abused by Jackson - which he claimed started at the age of seven when his family left him with the singer as they headed for a trip to the Grand Canyon.

"In the documentary, Wade Robson described how he and his then 10-year-old sister stayed in Jackson's bedroom the first two nights they were ever at Neverland in January 1990," Smallcombe, who penned 2016's Making Michael: Inside the Career of Michael Jackson, explains.

"Wade then claimed that his family left to go to the Grand Canyon, while he stayed behind with Jackson alone at Neverland for the next five days."

Wade Robson, one of the most recent MJ accusers. Credit: Getty

"Wade claimed it was then when he was first abused by Jackson, going into graphic detail about what had allegedly happened over the course of several nights," the biographer continues.

However, Smallcombe then adds that the abuse can't have started when his family left for the Grand Canyon as "his mother, Joy Robson, testified under oath in a deposition in 1993/1994 in relation to the Jordie Chandler case that Wade had actually gone with them on that trip."

Smallcombe believes Robson's mother "had no reason to lie" about whether or not her son was with her on the trip as she "openly admitted that Wade stayed with Jackson alone on other occasions."

Wade Robson, one of the most recent MJ accusers. Credit: HBO

"Her words in that deposition were, 'We went to the ranch for the first weekend, and then we left and went to the Grand Canyon, and we toured. We came back to the ranch for the following weekend'."

According to Smallcombe, there was "no mention of Wade staying behind" and Joy Robson even later revealed "the first time Wade stayed alone with Jackson at the ranch without her" was in 1993 - four years after the Grand Canyon trip.

"All of this shows that Wade's story about being abused that first time, while the rest of his family had supposedly left the ranch to go to the Grand Canyon, is false," he continues.

"Of course, while this doesn't categorically rule out that Jackson abused Wade Robson, it does make you wonder if this extremely detailed and key story in the documentary has been fabricated."

This is the recently unearthed 1993 interview in which LaToya Jackson accuses her brother of "crimes against small, innocent children".