Michael Jackson's home videos resurface and everyone's saying the same thing

Michael Jackson's home videos resurface and everyone's saying the same thing

Back in 2013, a number of Jackson's home videos featuring his three children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket were used as evidence in the family's wrongful death trial against AEG, the late superstar's final concert promoter.

The family's decision to sue AEG stemmed from what they saw as their culpability in the then 50-year-old's unexpected death. They claim that, despite being fully aware that the 50 London concerts he was rehearsing for in 2009 were taking a dangerous toll on his health, the promoter did little to help him.

In fact, it was AEG that hired Dr Conrad Murray, the man who was ultimately sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter in the Thriller star's 2011 death trial.

The home videos were used in the 2013 trial in a bid to show the jury how much Jackson meant to his kids. AEG ultimately won the lawsuit in October 2013, following a five-month trial.

Now, six years after the footage was used in the court case, the videos have resurfaced following the damning Leaving Neverland documentary:

One of the videos shows little Paris adorned with a headband and velvet party dress - a far cry from the now-20-year-old known for her bohemian style.

In the clip, she speaks into the mic, saying: "My name is Daddy’s Baby."

A young Paris Jackson in a home video. Credit: New York Daily News

The internet's reaction to the resurfaced videos has remained similar to what it was back in 2013. Many agree, in spite of where they stand on the damning child sexual abuse allegations levelled against Jackson, that the controversial megastar adored his children and that this adoration was reciprocal.

In many of the video's top comments, people are gushing over the family dynamic and interactions between Jackson and his kids, with many people in awe at how "normal" they all look at home.

Katherine Sage commented: "MJ was OBVIOUSLY a Good Father. These kids are wonderful and that doesn't 'just happen'."

Birsen Basar typed: "They said about MJ that he sleeps with children and came up with foolish other things. All the people just had to watch this video and they would understand he is the greatest daddy in the world."

User Melly Mel said: "This was so cute. Whatever people say about HIM remember those are three real children that adored and loved their father. They don’t deserve the negativity".

And Thakker Deborah commented: "His kids look so normal.. not like the Hollywood over made up types.. twisted and dolled up..this guy was innocent and pure hearted [sic]".

 A young Prince Jackson playfully being recorded by father, Michael. Credit: New York Daily News

In a clip from the same home video, Paris' older brother Prince, then five years old, tells the camera: "Hi, My name is Prince Michael Jackson. I’m daddy’s baby and I love my daddy."

In the wake of the scandal, which once again threatens to sabotage his legacy, numerous other videos featuring Jackson have resurfaced.

One such video shows a poorly-disguised Jackson shopping for jewellery with a young boy which appears to corroborate James Safechuck's claim that he and the late father-of-three got "married" in a faux wedding ceremony when he was just a child.

Check out the footage below:

In Leaving Neverland, Safechuck talks in detail about Jackson giving him jewellery as a reward for him going along with sexual activities:

"We did this in his bedroom and we filled out some vows like we would be bonded forever. It felt good. And the ring is nice. It has a row of diamonds. The wedding ring. It’s hard to go back to that moment."

Another video that has recently been unearthed features an interview from 1993 in which LaToya Jackson accuses her brother of "crimes against small, innocent children".

Check out the scathing interview in the video below:

At the time of the damning statement, LaToya was estranged from her family and was often accused by the rest of the Jacksons and some media outlets of trying to make money by slandering her brother, the Daily Mail reports.

In later years, she said that she had been forced to make the allegations by her-then husband, Jack Gordon, with whom she'd had an abusive relationship.

Leaving Neverland is available online via HBO and Hulu in the US and the Channel 4 website in the UK.