Mike Tyson reveals he 'wouldn't let Michael Jackson hang out' with his son

Mike Tyson reveals he 'wouldn't let Michael Jackson hang out' with his son

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has become the latest person to weigh in on the Michael Jackson debate, revealing that he "wouldn't let" his son spend time with the pop star.

Amidst allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck on the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, the debate has raged on about Michael Jackson - who died in 2009 at the age of 50 - and whether or not he was guilty of sexually molesting children.

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Tyson was speaking to Michael Rapaport on the I AM RAPAPORT podcast about his friend Michael Jackson, as the allegations put forward by the Leaving Neverland documentary continues to cause debate on the internet. Tyson has an eight-year-old son, but revealed that he wouldn't allow his child to "hang out" with Jackson, explaining: "Michael has a reputation of this."

"I have an 8-year-old kid - I wouldn't let Michael hang out with my kid; I wouldn't let my kid go over Michael's house - I love Michael. You know what I mean?" elaborated Tyson.

Tyson revealed his mixed emotions over the scandal, drawing a parallel between the accusations and his own rape conviction in 1992.

"It's like some people say, 'Well listen, you're Mike Tyson. I wouldn't let my daughter around you cause you've been to prison for rape,'" Tyson explained, saying that he had to respect that. "It's f***ed, but I understand that, cause I would think the same thing," he added.

Nonetheless, Tyson laid part of the blame at the feet of the parents of Robson and Safechuck in this scenario, explaining:

"The parents have to be responsible for that s***. I just thought the fact that these kids, Michael is telling them, 'If anyone knows about this, we're both gonna go to prison forever' ... it was just really horrible."

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Tyson did, however, question the timing of the documentary, adding that releasing the documentary after Jackson's death was slightly suspicious: "it comes across that these are guys just out to get some money."

"What you're doing now is even wrong, coming out saying this stuff. It's wrong, it's wrong on both sides," the former heavyweight boxing champion said, but Tyson is but the latest high profile celebrity to speak out following the release of Leaving Neverland.

Former child star Corey Feldman had initially thrown his support behind Jackson before saying he could "no longer defend" his friend, while fellow friend of Jackson Aaron Carter followed Tyson in questioning the timing of the allegations.

Speaking to TMZ Live, Carter said: "Why not do it when he was alive? Why not do it when he was being accused of all of these molestation charges. Why not do it then and actually indict a perpetrator?" before threatening physical violence against Wade Robson after a social media hoax implicated Carter in the sexual assault allegations.

"He's trying to tie my name into this s***? I'm not that guy. I'm not the one. You lucky I got something to lose now, because I would punch you in your face - I would," Carter said.