Miley Cyrus flashes her 'boobies' to Cody Simpson to make him sing better

Miley Cyrus flashes her 'boobies' to Cody Simpson to make him sing better

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Cody Simpson are no strangers to oversharing. Case in point: while the pair have been working on music and preparing for their next big moves (Miley's off on the road soon to do the World Tour Bushfire Relief charity concert in Australia, and Cody's working on recording some upcoming music), Miley proceeded to flash her beau to give him some motivation. Spicy, eh?

"I love my job", the 23-year-old captioned a series of pictures of him in the studio. "@princeneptunepoet book coming April 7, new music to coincide."

Sure, this is the kind of innocent, wholesome content we love to see on Instagram, but Miley didn't take it that way, instead, using it as an opportunity to reveal the real reason why Cody was smiling so much. "Where's the screen shot of me flashing my boobies while u record," she wrote. "Tip: smiling when you sing helps pitch by brightening the sound! You're welcome for all the above!"

Credit: Instagram / Cody Simpson

In related news, the Australian singer recently slammed rumours that he cheated on Cyrus.

The musician was reportedly seen kissing another woman at a club in New York in December, leading gossip outlets to assume that Simpson had cheated on Cyrus.

However, the 23-year-old's agent quickly released a statement denying the rumours. "There is absolutely no truth to this story," they wrote. "Cody went out with a friend and all the rest is fabricated. Period."

Simpson then took to Twitter to further clarify the situation. "We are all gossiping our way into ignorance, attempting to relieve ourselves of the concern that we are really swirling into oblivion on a burning planet. If only we gave more thought to how we may possibly save our earth and less to the trivialities of celebrity culture," he asserted.

Watch as Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson celebrate her birthday: 

"Gossip outlets are the plague of journalism. If more people concerned themselves with literature and not the poison of the mind that is most news columns we'd maybe be in a better place as a society."