Miley Cyrus sparks angry backlash online after posting picture to Twitter

Miley Cyrus sparks angry backlash online after posting picture to Twitter

When Miley Cyrus first found fame as Hannah Montana, it seemed that she could do no wrong. She was young, she was sweet, and, according to every eight-year-old girl in 2006, she was essentially the pinnacle of what a pop star should be.

But, inevitably, she grew up, and that innocent image slipped away as quickly as you can say 'Hoedown Throwdown'.

From there, she went on to grind on Robin Thicke, adorn herself in NSFW tattoos, and do her best to get away with wearing as little clothing as possible to any and all events. But none of those things caused quite as much as backlash as her appropriative attitude towards hip-hop and Black culture - and a recent Twitter post has sparked fresh outrage over the matter.

miley cyrus tweet Credit: Twitter/Miley Cyrus

The tweet, which shows Miley adorned in jewellery in a swimming pool, rubbed many fans the wrong way. Some accused her of "performing blackness", while others called her out as a hypocrite for turning back to hip-hop when she'd previously stated that she found it too misogynistic.

"The way Miley thinks she can put on blackness like it's a costume makes me sick. Opting in and out like it's a subscription," said one user.

"When that country s**t wasn't selling, so you have to come crawling back to Hip-hop," wrote another.

Miley has come under fire for appropriating Black culture in the past, too, most famously when she claimed she felt like Lil Kim on the inside. "In my past life, I feel like that was me," she said. "I feel like Lil Kim is who I am on the inside."

But that wasn't the only thing that got people riled up. At the same time, others were mad at her for seemingly bragging about how wealthy she is.

But, of course, there were the few that defended her.

Cyrus has yet to respond to any of the criticism.