Mira Sorvino fires back at sexist Twitter troll, and he deletes his account

Mira Sorvino fires back at sexist Twitter troll, and he deletes his account

Mira Sorvino won an Academy Award for her role in Mighty Aphrodite, and was totally snubbed for her role in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. However, she's also an outspoken political activist. She's worked with Amnesty International as their Stop Violence Against Women Campaign spokesperson. From 2009 to 2012, she served as the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking. And she's been a part of the #MeToo movement, coming forward about being sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein.

On Sunday, Mira appeared on MSNBC to discuss the Trump administration's immigration policies. More than 2,000 children were cruelly separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, and sent to prison-like detention centers. President Trump signed an executive order ending the family separation policy, which his administration chose to implement, and no law mandated. But there are still many questions, regarding how the families will be reunited, and how we should treat people at the border.

"I feel we are in pre-Nazi Germany," Mira told MSNBC. "These parents were told their children would be taken to be cleaned up, to go take a bath or shower. Doesn’t that have eerie echoes of the concentration camps in Germany when people were told all they needed to do was go into the showers, clean up? Some of the parents may never see their children again."

Alt-right "news" website Breitbart picked up the story and added a catty comment about Mira's hat. (Nobody knows fashion better than the alt-right.) In response, the actress owned her remarks, tweeting, "Hey @BreitbartNews if the White Supremacist Shoe fits, wear it!"

This put Mira on the radar with Breitbart's readers, and one troll made a sexist comment. Twitter user T.J. Rhattigan wrote, "You're a pretty girl and I've enjoyed your acting, but you can't possibly know what pre-Nazi Germany was like. Stick with what your [sic] good at. Acting."

Obviously, there's a lot of wrong with this T.J.'s comment - calling a 50-year-old woman a 'pretty girl,' assuming she doesn't know anything about history, telling her to shut up about politics and stick to acting. (Does he also think Donald Trump should stuck to hosting The Apprentice?")

Anyway, Mira fired back at him with the perfect response:

"I wrote my thesis on on racial conflict and persecution at Harvard, worked on a documentary on Neo-Nazi hate groups in Russia, performed in the film about the SonderKommando at Auschwitz The Grey Zone, and am an avid student of The Holocaust and what lead to it, so I beg to differ."

Mira's clap-back was so perfect, T.J. Rhattigan deleted not just his tweet, but his entire account! But thanks to screenshots, his dumb comment is preserved in digital amber.

Well, don't mess with Mira Sorvino! It might not be fair to compare the Trump administration to Nazi Germany, but it's also not fair to assume that all actors are idiots. Just most of them are. (Kidding.)