Mom hilariously parodies Kim Kardashian's extremely revealing dress

Mom hilariously parodies Kim Kardashian's extremely revealing dress

One of the biggest thrills of watching awards shows is checking out the incredible outfits worn by all the A-listers on the red carpet. This is the season where celebrities like to pull out all the stops and really embrace some crazy wardrobe choices. Sometimes these out-there sartorial decisions can pay off, and get you that extra bit of publicity, but sometimes it can totally backfire.

Even harder is trying to replicate these looks in real life, on an average Joe's budget. Try to copy one of Lady Gaga's outfits when you're going to a party, and you'll soon find that it's an almost impossible task. Some of those gowns seem to defy Newtonian physics, with straps that don't make sense, and gravity-defying skirts. If you want an example, look no further than Kim Kardashian's revealing black ensemble, which she wore at the fifth Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards.

Recently, one brave mom decided to take to Facebook to show just how hard it is to replicate Kim's iconic look. On her personal blog Knee Deep In Life, a woman named Laura recreated and modelled the design herself, posting a picture of herself next to Kim, in a side-by-side.

Laura captioned the picture: "GOOGLE GOALS ... FASHION... When they tell you it's on backwards and you say, B*TCH PLEASE!! This is fashion. Sometimes it's about accepting budgetary constraints meant you couldn't afford the whole dress, so you just work with what you got and pray your left tit doesn't pop out and start mopping the floor as you make pack lunches. [sic]"

Suffice to say, Facebook users were pretty tickled by the contrast, and took to the comment section to voice their opinions on Laura's humble effort. For example, one person wrote: "You my lady make me smile and laugh out loud daily! You just carry on being you! U wonderful human being ... life is too damn serious sometimes! [sic]"

Another commented "I literally love you. You make me laugh so much x [sic]," while one amused fan joked "You wear it so much better darling." Someone else added: "That look really suits you ... But I wouldn't wear it for the school run. love you xx. [sic]"

Really, though, Laura had it easy. At least she didn't try to copy any of Kanye's outfits, she'd have her work cut out for her on that one!