More pictures emerge of Zac Efron with platinum blonde hair and fans are shook

More pictures emerge of Zac Efron with platinum blonde hair and fans are shook

Since his first foray into the stardom with the High School Musical series, Zac Efron has been in all sorts of films, from oddball indie dramas to action movies to gross-out comedies. Currently, he's in the public eye once again for playing infamous serial killer Ted Bundy in a recent biopic, for which he's been getting great reviews.

Thirty years after the murderer was executed, the film - titled Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile - surprised many by casting the heartthrob actor in the role, but it looks like it's worked out for him. In fact, he's even got the blessing from one of Bundy's few surviving victims, who said that she didn't believe he was glamorising the role.

That's not the only thing that Efron is in the news for this week. While his portrayal of the disturbed Bundy has certainly turned heads, fans have also taken note of his new hairstyle - and it's quite a change...

zac efron platinum blonde Credit: Getty

While he's rocked some blonde highlights in the past, we've all gotten pretty used to his dark bearded look, but now he's out there with platinum blonde hair to go with his darker facial hair - and it's safe to say that people are loving it.

This being the internet, it didn't exactly take long for things to get a little weird...

This is definitely a bold look - but Efron pulled it off and then some, and his fans definitely seem to be in agreement on that one. Who knew platinum blonde worked so well with a dark beard?