New 'Avengers - Endgame' posters confirm which characters are alive and dead

New 'Avengers - Endgame' posters confirm which characters are alive and dead

In last year's Avengers - Infinity War, the big purple supervillain Thanos finally acquires all six Infinity Stones, also known as Infinity Gems, Soul Gems, or Ric Flair Drip. The elusive amulets grant Evil Grimace the power to solve the world's pesky overpopulation problem. With the snap of fingers, half of all life doesn't feel so good, and crumbles away into nothingness - including many of our favorite Avengers.

This epic cosmic storyline was planted more than a decade ago and teased throughout 21 Marvel superhero movies. On April 26, the three-hour The Avengers - Endgame hits theaters, concluding that story and Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don't get too sad, though. Phase 4 begins a few months later, with the release Spider-Man: Far From Home. Also, Disney rehired James Gunn to direct Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, and a Black Widow movie is expected to start filming in June. You're going to give Disney money forever!

Anyway, at the end of Infinity War, some characters lived, some characters died, and a few characters' fates are unclear. But you won't be left hanging. On Tuesday, Marvel released new character posters on Twitter that confirm who survived, post-snap. The living characters are in color, while the dead characters are in black and white.

Alive: Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor

Alive: The Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man

Alive: Nebula, Okoye, War Machine, Pepper Potts

Alive: Valkyrie, Rocket Raccoon, Wong, Happy Hogan

This is the first confirmation that Tessa Thompson will reprise Valkyrie in Endgame

Valkyrie Avengers poster Credit: Marvel

Dead: Black Panther, Star Lord, Gamora, Doctor Strange

(Unlike the others, Thanos killed Gamora pre-snap)

Dead: Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Nick Fury

Dead: Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Mantis and Drax

Dead: Loki, Shuri, Groot, The Wasp

(Like Gamora, Loki died pre-snap, at the hands of Thanos)

Doesn't it feel good to get closure? Unfortunately, none of these posters clear up what's going on with Agent Coulson, who was killed in the first Avengers movie, then resurrected in the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Thus far, the Marvel movies and the Marvel TV shows haven't interacted much, due to the difficulty of coordinating film and TV production schedules. But Coulson's a fan favorite and just starred in the 90's-era Captain Marvel, so maybe he'll get a cameo in Endgame?