Nick Jonas is now 'thicc' and fans can't get enough

Nick Jonas is now 'thicc' and fans can't get enough

The middle child of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, has really transcended his Disney Channel trappings in recent years. He certainly married up - tying the knot with Priyanka Chopra in what had to be the most elaborate wedding of 2018 - or, well, ever. One thing he has yet to shake-off, however, is his heartthrob status.

We've seen him evolve from teen dream, splashed over every girly mag going, to his post Jo Bro glow-up, which was punctuated by his solo career and acquisition of drool-worthy abs. Now, Nick Jonas is thicc, and his fans can't get enough.

Jonas was seen sporting a 'dad bod' during his trip to Miami with his wife over the weekend, and it caused quite the furore on social media.

Case in point:

Nick Jonas, serving thirst traps since 2006. We stan.