Nick Jonas just left an adorable comment on Priyanka Chopra's Instagram and fans are losing it

Nick Jonas just left an adorable comment on Priyanka Chopra's Instagram and fans are losing it

Hot goss alert: it seems that the maybe-probably relationship between Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas might finally be confirmed, thanks to the keen eye of Instagram-users. The 35-year-old uploaded a picture of herself to Instagram today, and the comment that Jonas left underneath it is very telling of their relationship status indeed.

Fans have been giddy with excitement since Chopra was photographed with 25-year-old Jonas on Thursday, when they went out on a dinner date together at Toca Madera in West Hollywood. A source reportedly told People that Chopra and Jonas didn't mind that people would jump to conclusions, saying they "were very affectionate with each other and seemed to not care who saw."

People also claimed that there was some seriously flirtatious body language going on, reporting that "Priyanka ran her hands through his hair at one point and they were laughing and even dancing to the music." Even though they were exposed to onlookers in the restaurant, it seemed the couple only had eyes for each other, with the source adding: "They seemed really into each other. They were very cute."

They were also photographed on Memorial Day together, spending time with each other while also in the company of mutual friends on a yacht. One photo that is snapped of the pair shows them getting cosy under the same blanket.

And so it comes as no surprise that fans have started losing it when Jonas all but confirmed that the two were exclusively dating, according to one little Instagram comment he left on Chopra's latest pic.

The actress uploaded a photo of her and two of her friends, filmmaker Mubina Rattonsey and Chopra's manager, Anjula Acharia, at an In-N-Out Burger in LA. "Burgers and favourite combo with my fav girls. @anjula_acharia @mubinarattonsey @chanelofficial," she wrote in the caption.

The actress is snapped grinning widely right before she's about to take a bite of her burger, and it seems that Jonas felt she looked so adorable that he needed to let her know, publically.

"That smile," he wrote, followed by a red love heart emoji. Come on, can you really say that it might be far-fetched to say the two of them are an item?

Jonas' comment quickly became the most liked comment on the post, with more than 12,500 likes at the time of writing. People replied with comments mainly including a variation of "it's official", "OMG", and "I told you they were dating!"

The rumours first started circulating after they attended the Met Gala together last year. However, they pushed away any rumours that they were dating back then by both saying they stepped onto the red carpet together simply because they were both wearing Ralph Lauren, and that it was purely platonic.

According to Bustle, Jonas said it was shortly before the event that the two of them met for the first time. "[Chopra and I] met through a mutual friend, who she did Quantico with—this guy Graham—and we met up like, in New York the first time, and the same day I think we found out that we were both going to the Met Gala with Ralph Lauren."

Well, a year on and they two seem to be very chummy indeed. We wish the love birds all the best.