Nicki Minaj and her ex-boyfriend are feuding on Twitter and it's extremely messy

Nicki Minaj and her ex-boyfriend are feuding on Twitter and it's extremely messy

Oooooh, baby. This is a good one. This right here is some of the finest celebrity beef you're going to find. It's the rump, the T-bone, the sirloin. It's the pièce de résistance of celebrity feuds, it's an argument featuring d**k pics, sex-workers, hairlines and stolen money. It's Nick Minaj vs Safaree and I'm here to hold your hand through this bumpy ride.

Right, so before anything else kicks off, let's take it back to the trigger. As you may be aware, Nicki Minaj dropped her new album recently and has been doing her press tour to promote the record. The rapper popped into Hot 97 studio to spill some tea and, my word, she nearly scolded the ears of listeners it was that hot.

The conversation turned to the topic of Nicki's ex-boyfriend, Safaree, who in the past has said that he helped write some of Nicki's raps when they were together, something Nicki has always denied and a claim that he later retracted. However, Nicki being Nicki, she had to give her two cents on the claim.

“For one person to do something like this to me out of sheer weakness and passive aggression and just hatefulness and vindictiveness, because you got caught shittin’ on a person that was taking care of you for years and years… Because you got caught shittin’ on a person who was taking care of you while you were paying for prostitutes and stealing their credit cards and doing all types of dumbass shit.”

Then the beef began.

There was a huge response to the interview online and, hearing his name was mentioned, Safaree decided to respond to his ex. First, he insinuated that Nicki still had feelings for him.

Then, he went on to deny claims that he had stolen Nicki's credit card.

Safaree showed no signs of slowing down, saying that both he and Nicki were responsible for the breakdown of their relationship and alleging that she cheated on him with Meek Mill.

After dropping that bombshell, Safaree dropped a nuclear bomb. According to him, Nicki previously cut him so bad that the police and ambulance had to be called.

He then ended the rant by trying to make peace, saying he doesn't hate Nicki and thinks that she should concentrate on her new album.

Nicki, who remained unusually quiet, didn't respond for a while. But, don't be fooled, she wasn't taking the high ground. After she logged on to her social media, she fired up the engine and began a tirade of abuse against her ex.

Nicki even said that there are witnesses to her claims.

The rapper then posted the below photo, suggesting that the beef was over.

Hold. Your. Horses. Nicki was just getting warmed up. Now in full flow, she loaded up her gun and fired straight for the head/hairline.

Then, things got out of hand and Nicki dragged Tyga into the beef for no reason, claiming that he and Safaree got their hairlines from the same doctor.

How's the heart rate? Are you still with me? Yes? Good. Because it's about to get even more hectic.

Safaree wasn't taking his beating lying down. Instead, he bit back, again claiming that Nicki cheated on him and refuting her story that he begged for her back.

Then, Tyga - still reeling in pain from Nicki's stray bullet - was once again thrown into the firing line, with Safaree claiming that they went to different doctors on the same day.

Tyga is the real victim here.

Anyway, this is the moment that things get really messy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the subject has now switched to nudes. According to Safaree, someone *cough* Nicki *cough*, has been trying to leak pictures of him naked for years.

Nicki responded in a now-deleted tweet (thank god for screenshots). In it, she said that Safaree begged her and Meek to get the pictures back while also apparently asking if she could pay his electricity bill.

Nicki. Please. I beg you to release the email. Please.

Anyway, that was the end of the beef. Nicki tweeted to say she would only focus on positive energy and Safaree used a referral code to make a profit from directing people to his hair doctor.

And what of poor old Tyga? Well, while surely reeling from getting his name dragged into the feud of all feuds, Kylie Jenner's ex simply tweeted a referral to his hair doctor.

Told you it was a good one, didn't I?