Nicole Scherzinger’s Instagram hacked as post promises to release a ‘sex tape’

Nicole Scherzinger’s Instagram hacked as post promises to release a ‘sex tape’

Pop star, Nicole Scherzinger, appears to have had her Instagram account hacked after an explicit image was posted to her account which promised to release a full sex tape.

The post, which has since been removed, saw Nicole's head Photoshopped onto a topless women's body.

The image also had writing over the image, which instructed her 3.9 million followers to "Go to my Story > Swipe UP > DOWNLOAD a FREE App > releasing my full SEX Tape at 5,000 Downloads!"

Below the text there were three emojis, a kiss tongue and water emoji and the caption of the photo read: “I love you all my babies”.

The hacker, who has not been identified, also took to the erstwhile Pussycat Dolls performer's Instagram stories. The stories advertised a giveaway for Apple watches and instructed followers to swipe up to “claim yours now”.

Nicole’s bio was also changed on her profile, "My SEX TAPE," was written on the platform, complete with a clickable URL.

The images and changes to the 41-year-old's profile were removed within less than an hour.

Nicole hasn't yet responded to the hacking of her Instagram account.

But despite the images being removed, some of Nicole's 3.9 million followers had already liked the photo and taken screenshots.

Earlier this year, an intimate video of Nicole with her ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton was leaked. Speaking to The Sun about it at the time, Nicole said, "It’s been horrible. I genuinely don’t understand why someone would do something like this, or why they would leak it. It’s an unbelievably mean thing to do."

The singer and Formula One racer had an on and off relationship for eight years before calling it quits in 2015.