North West stars in her first official model campaign alongside her mom

North West stars in her first official model campaign alongside her mom

As Instagram has become such a popular social media platform, celebrities have jumped onto it to publicise their projects, their associated brands and, well... themselves.

Few people have transitioned into this form of publicity with more success than Kim Kardashian West. While there are people out there with more followers out there (Kim K is beaten by Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Christiano Ronaldo and Selena Gomez), the reality star is one of the women that first comes to our minds when we're talking about celebrity obsession.

Behind Kim's forays into modelling and countless reality television appearances is one mastermind: Kris Jenner. In fact, Jenner seems to have built an entire business out of her family, with daughters Kourtney, Khloé, Kylie and Kendall all branching off into various high-profile ventures.

The family has since only grown bigger, with Kim and husband Kanye West having three children, and Kylie and Khloé bringing new kids into the extended family.

North West, the oldest of her three, was born in June 2013, meaning she turned five last month. With a few years on her younger sibling Saint (and with Chicago only a few months old), she's leading the pack - and it was only a matter of time until she made her modelling debut.

This isn't quite the first time North has been a part of her mother's modelling. Kim K got herself in some trouble with fans when she had the then-four-year-old take a photo of her for Instagram. The problem? Well, it was a semi-topless pic.

With over 3 million likes, the post did its work - but the thousands of comments go to show how much debate it caused. Luckily, this latest shoot was a little less controversial.

In honour of the Peekaboo bag's tenth anniversary, Fendi revealed the second part of the #MeAndMyPeekaboo project. Spotlighting iconic female family relationships across the world, they are now focusing on the Kardashian clan, featuring Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West, and the five-year-old North West.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, (Fendi's creative director of accessories, menswear, and kidswear) was featured before, alongside her daughters Delfina Delettrez Fendi and Leonetta Luciano Fendi. The photo and video campaign has also included sisters Jessica and Krystal Jung in Seoul; musician Dou Jiayuan with her mother, photographer Gao Yuan; and Ewan McGregor’s daughters, Clara and Esther McGregor.

The ad campaign is meant to catch a moment of intimacy between family members, with daughters, mothers and sisters taking the centre stage. These particular images, while still staged, look far more like candid photos from a family album that regular folk would take. The only difference is there are three extremely rich and well-dressed people in the snap.

Variations of the iconic handbag have been featured in other images from the campaign, with the classic regular style and the mini and micro versions (held by North in the photo) included. All of the short films, which feature Kanye West’s 'Love Lockdown' on their soundtracks, are featured in their full forms on Fendi's website.