P-Diddy got the living daylights scared out of him by a clown on 'Ellen'

P-Diddy got the living daylights scared out of him by a clown on 'Ellen'

Is there anything Ellen Degeneres loves more than terrifying celebrities? Perhaps Portia de Rossi, but it's a close one.

The latest A-lister to bear the brunt of the talk show host's favourite pastime? P Diddy.

When the rapper recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, he was asked by the comedian if a rumour that he was afraid of clowns was true.

Adamantly denying it, the I'll Be Missing You star told her: "No. Impossible. I’m a black man. I have so many other things to be fearful of. A clown is not gonna scare me."

His allegations were put to the test when Ellen said "But I heard that you were...", with a man dressed as Pennywise from It leaping out of a box immediately after.

Jumping out of his skin, Diddy shrieked and ran from his chair, confirming to everyone that he was indeed, afraid of clowns.

Afterwards, the 48-year-old jokingly showed off some self-defense moves, which eventually morphed into a dance, much to Ellen's enjoyment.

Despite being a little shaken up, the rapper admitted he enjoyed the prank, hugging the host and saying: "You know, I woke up this morning and I said, 'I want my life to be full of surprises.'... You really affected my street cred with that."

Of course, Diddy is far from the first celebrity to be scared by Ellen. In the past, she has scared the living daylights out of Taylor Swift, Eric Stonestreet, Miley Cyrus, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lopez, Jack Black and Selena Gomez, among others.

Just last week, she sent special guest Chrissy Teigen into a haunted house with her producer, Andy. Posting a photo of the model and Adam having a "fun" time in the maze to her 58 million Instagram followers, the comedian wrote: "He’s fine, everyone. His glasses aren’t, but he is."

In other Diddy news, the rapper recently made it clear on social media that there was still one main lady in his life: his ex-girfriend, Cassie.

Uploading a picture of Michael Jackson's Thriller album playing The Lady In My Life, the star captioned his post: "If anyone sees Cassie this weekend please tell her to listen to this song 100 times".

On the track, the legendary singer croons: "And baby through the years / Even when we’re old and gray / I will love you more each day/ ‘Cause you will always be the lady in my life".

Diddy and Cassie broke up several months ago after 11 years together, with a source telling People that "the decision was amicable and they remain friends. Cassie is going to focus on her music and acting career".

While together, the couple rarely spoke out about their romance. However, in 2015, Diddy shut down marriage rumours when he insisted he’d rather sign a "love contract" than get hitched.

On Watch What Happens Live, he claimed: "It’s the whole thing of … I think you have to be ready for it. There’s somebody else’s heart involved and that’s a lot of responsibility. And I don’t want to be going to courts and having somebody be like interfere in my relationships so I rather just do the Goldie Hawn."