People are freaking out over Prince Harry's cousin Lady Kitty Spencer, who is a professional model

People are freaking out over Prince Harry's cousin Lady Kitty Spencer, who is a professional model

This weekend, wedding bells rang out for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in Windsor, England. Millions of Brits tuned in to watch the proceedings on TV, billions of folks worldwide saw footage or kept up with the day's events online, and only a lucky few thousand actually got to attend the big day.

Only around 600 people were actually permitted to enter the chapel, though, and all of them were close friends or family members of the bride and groom. There were a few celebrity faces in the crowd, of course, with some of the best-dressed guests such as David Beckham and Amal Clooney sparking a lot of chatter from the thirsty side of Twitter.

However, no family drew quite as much attention as the Spencers: Harry and Will's cousins.

At first, everyone was busy lusting after Louis Frederick John Spencer, the 24-year-old (single) heir to a huge fortune and estate. And, you've got to admit, the guy has got some serious game.

However, while all that was going down, a lot of other people began noticing his sister - Lady Kitty Spencer. Much like her brother, Kitty seems to have been blessed with the natural beauty of her mother, Victoria Aitken, and also holds a slight resemblance to the late Princess Diana.

And wow is she stunning.

On the big day, she was dressed in a gorgeous floral emerald gown and traditionally-eccentric hat (which, to me, stood out as one of the best outfits of the event), but that look is just one of many gorgeous displays she's pulled off before.

This isn't exactly surprising, though, as Kitty is a model.

At present, she is working with Dolce & Gabbana, and has appeared in their campaigns as well as on some of their catwalk shows.

"I have a relaxed attitude toward [modeling]," she said in an interview with Vanity Fair in 2016. "I appreciate that it takes me to new places and you get to dress up and wear beautiful things and live in a little bit of a fairy tale for a day."

Many would argue, though, that Kitty lives in a fairytale every day anyway.

As the eldest daughter of Diana’s brother Earl Charles Spencer, she might not have been in the spotlight as much as her cousins, William and Harry, but she is rather well known in fashion circles. What's more, Tatler (a magazine which prides itself on judging the who's who in the British socialite scene) named her "one of the most eligible girls in Britain" - so she is never short of public attention.

Even though she may lead a very privileged life, though, Kitty still dedicates much of her time to charity work. At present, she is an ambassador for Centrepoint: an organization that supports homeless young people.

So, not only is she beautiful, rich, and seemingly-down-to-Earth, she's also got a kind heart, too! Forget her brother Louis, this is the royal cousin that everyone should be queuing up to date.