People are furious at Chrissy Teigen after her controversial statement about Nutella

People are furious at Chrissy Teigen after her controversial statement about Nutella

If you know anything about social media, you know better than to mess with Chrissy Teigen. Yeah, sure, she's beautiful, and her family with John Legend and their two kids is adorable. But if you talk smack to her on Twitter, she will come for you. And you do not want that one bit.

Chrissy Teigen might be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, but that doesn't mean she can't hold her own when it comes to disputes online. How else would you explain her flame war with vegetarians on Twitter? She's also got some savage responses to trolls and to Donald Trump - who, I guess you could say, is the ultimate troll.

But recently, she's been the one catching fire after a pretty controversial statement about Nutella. It's not a particularly new opinion, but she's facing criticism after she doubled down on it in an interview. Now, here on Food Envy, we all love a good bit of Nutella. It's delicious. But Chrissy Teigen does not agree with you, as we found out a few years back.

Two three-word posts, both saying in no uncertain terms that Chrissy Teigen does not like Nutella. In case you were in any doubt, there was a third, just to hammer the point home, and confirm that Teigen had not been hacked.

Among the things that are better than Nutella in Chrissy Teigen's mind include "dried squid in Asian movie theaters", "Bush's baked beans", not to mention "leaving a chocolate bar in a hot car". Delightful. But since then, Chrissy Teigen's had two kids. Maybe she's mellowed out?

According to an interview on First We Feast: nope. Chrissy Teigen, as part of her promotion trail for her new cookbook Cravings: Hungry For More, where she shares some of the food she loves that can be made in the comfort of your own home. As is customary on First We Feast, Teigen chowed down on some hot wings.

Given the chance to defend some of her more debatable food opinions, her Nutella truthing was unsurprisingly first on the menu, so to speak: "I think that a lot of people think that the hazelnut is good for them - 'Oh! I'm so French!' - but no; you're eating chocolate in the morning. It's the mimosa of foods - you just want to drink in the morning."

Oh snap! Chrissy Teigen went there, and she went there again when she doubled down on her opinions on Milky Way, and her begrudging respect for deep dish pizza, which she's described as a "topless, sexier calzone". "I respect it for what it is," said Teigen, but was quick to add: "It's not pizza."

There you have it folks - if you know Chrissy Teigen at all, then this interview is everything you'd ever hoped for in terms of sass and superb soundbites. So enjoy. Maybe not with your breakfast Nutella.