People are sending really mean insults to Tristan Thompson on Instagram after he cheated on Khloé

People are sending really mean insults to Tristan Thompson on Instagram after he cheated on Khloé

Even if you're not usually someone who keeps up to date with the latest Kardashian drama, you've probably heard about the latest scandal involving Tristan Thompson and a bunch of women who aren't Khloe.

The news of the NBA star's infidelity came just hours before his reality star girlfriend gave birth to their first child, and - for once - the Kardashians are being suspiciously quiet about it. Kim hasn't come out with some shady comment, Kylie hasn't posted anything about it on Insta, and, most surprisingly, all Kris has said about the entire situation was a one-word tweet.

Thankfully, for those of us who hunger for some kind of outrage about this situation, the good folks on Instagram have come armed with their meanest comments - and they aren't holding back on Thompson's latest post.

Hundreds of petty insults - most of them starting with "I hope..." - have been left on a picture uploaded to the basketball player's IG two days ago, around the same time that he was exposed as a serial cheater.

Some of them range from your standard: "Good morning to everyone! Except for Tristan Thompson," while others venture down a truly creative route, throwing out zingers such as, "I hope somebody puts a red sock in all your white laundry."

Here's just a brief selection of the sickest burns so far:

"I hope your fan stops working in the middle of the night."

"I hope you forever have the taste of drinking orange juice after you brush your teeth."

"I hope you step on a lego barefoot."

"I hope every time you use a vending machine, the food or drink gets stuck."

"I hope every time you dunk a biscuit in your drink it breaks off and falls right in."

"I hope every parking space you think is open is actually taken by a motorcycle for the rest of your life."

Now, if you're currently sitting there thinking, "does anyone truly deserve to step on a lego brick barefoot?" let's just go through the events of the last few days, shall we?

First of all, a woman claiming to have spent the night with Thomas uploaded a video to her IG story which supposedly showed the pair having sex. She also uploaded a number of explicit texts - also said to be from Khloe's man.

Following that, TMZ posted this on Twitter:

Then - amazingly - Thompson apparently tried to deny responsibility for his actions, and supposedly claimed that he was "set up". We don't know Khloe's exact reaction to this yet, but he was present for the birth so it does seem that - for now - she's doing her best to put his cheating ways out of mind for the sake of their little one.

After all that, then, it's no surprise that many of the comments on Insta weren't just half-hearted jokes. Indeed, many people took the opportunity to spill some real tea, with one 'grammer writing: "I hope you read all these comments and look at your daughter and realize she’s going to know what a messed up man you truly are."

So, for once, it appears that the social media mob might have a good point. Tristan Thompson seriously needs to take a good look at himself right now and somehow atone for what he's done - especially if he doesn't want to endure a future of losing his biscuits in his drink and never finding a parking spot.