People are super confused by Zac Efron's bizarre internet flirting

People are super confused by Zac Efron's bizarre internet flirting

In films and popular culture, we are often taught to believe that people who are naturally attractive also seem to have a God-given ability to flirt with other, equally-beautiful human beings. Which is totally unfair, if you ask me (a 5/10 with the right lighting and the best angle).

Thankfully, real life has shown me that this isn't always the case. Often, it's a person's natural charisma that wins others over - and, while that might be linked to how dazzling their smile is, or how great they'd look in their birthday suit, it's not necessarily correlated with how conventionally sexy they are.

In the same vein, being super hot doesn't guarantee you the gift of the gab when it comes to flirtation - and Zac Efron's recent Instagram posts are stone cold proof of this.

Ever since he set every 13-year-old girl's heart beating at an alarming rate while strutting his stuff in High School Musical, Efron has been recognized as a Hollywood hunk. He's got the hair, the body, the smile, and - of course - the charm needed to woo a person.

But, looking through his social media interactions, it seems that he hasn't quite learned how to smooth-talk a lady.

Though it hasn't been totally confirmed, fans are pretty convinced that the 17 Again star is dating Alexandra Daddario, whom he met while filming Baywatch. The pair have been spotted hanging out a lot, and have also interacted a number of times on Insta.

Take this post, for example:

Cute, right? The pair look totally comfortable together, the shot is sort of candid, and the comment that Efron has included is - wait, what? Did he just describe her as a Pokemon?

"Happy birthday to one of the most real, down to [Earth], stunning, intelligent, creative, loving, and most rare Pokémon ever created #alexdaddario."

Yes. Yes, he did.

Well, let's not jump to conclusions here - it could be that Daddario really loves the '90s video game (and I can definitely relate), and so the comment is a sort of in-joke between the pair. That would be cute.

But it's not the only questionable comment he's made. Here's another one:

And another one:

And, yes - you guessed it, another one:

Just in these few posts, he's described her as a "b***h", a "rare Pokemon", bombarded her with emojis, and complimented her on how good she looks... while watching Game of Thrones? Ok.

Well, as strange as Efron's not-so-smooth moves may look to us, they seem to be having some effect on Daddario, as she doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe she thinks they're cute in a dorky kinda way, or perhaps she just doesn't care (and if you had the option to date the Zeffer, you probably wouldn't either).

Anyway, terrible flirt or not, Efron looks like he's got himself settled into a pretty sweet relationship. Let's hope it lasts so that we can enjoy more cringeworthy interactions from the pair.