People are upset after Kim Kardashian thanked her sisters for saying she doesn't look like she's eating

People are upset after Kim Kardashian thanked her sisters for saying she doesn't look like she's eating

The Kardashians are controversial – there's no denying that. But while everyone loves to hate them, I can't help but feel they often get a lot of criticism that they don't deserve. They get involved in political issues, they raise money for those who need, and they help empower young women all around the world by exuding a unique kind of confidence and refusing to fit in.

But unfortunately, a strike must be marked against the Kardashian name after Kim recently displayed some harmful behaviour about body image. I'm sorry Kim, but I'm not defending you on this one.

The 37-year-old and her sisters attended a charity poker event last night benefiting City Of Hope. At the event, Kim took some videos of Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian gushing about her slim figure.

It seems Kim has been working out a heap lately, and she's lost some weight to show for it. But, while she should be proud of her gym-toned bod, a few good selfies to show it off would've been enough. Instead, she filmed a video in which her sisters are heard complimenting her for how "skinny" she looks and commenting that it looked like she hasn't been eating.

In response, Kim squealed with glee, saying "thank you" and "tell me more". She shared several videos on her Instagram stories, egging her sisters on to keep commenting on her figure.

"Kendall, what was that you said?" Kim said in the first video, asking Kendall to repeat what she had just told the mother-of-three.

“No, like, I’m really concerned, I don’t think you’re eating," Kendall replies with a smile. “You look so skinny.”

"Whaaat!?" Kim squeals back, "Thank you!".

The conversation was likely intended to be light-hearted, with Kendall telling Kim "my purse is as tiny as you," holding a miniature black bag. However, when you look behind it all, it is spreading a dangerous message: that appearing underweight is a good thing.

At one point Kim protests that she's "not that skinny" and drops that she weighs 119 pounds (a healthy BMI for a woman whose height is 159cm), a fact that Khloe disagrees with, saying "I’ve never seen a skinnier person in my life than Mrs West." She adds that she's "anorexic" in the waist and has "pin-thin" arms.

Kim appears overjoyed at her sisters' comments, saying "tell me more" and filming them to upload straight to her Instagram stories. In response, Khloe and friend Malika Haqq joke that she’s on a diet of celery, salad, and "different flavours oxygen."

As complementary and funny as the whole thing was supposed to be, the interactions hit a nerve with people, who voiced their disapproval of the sisters' behaviour online.

For all the progress that's going on in the world to bring down traditional "ideals" of beauty in favour of body image diversity... Kim's latest Instagram vids are undoing a whole lotta that.

It's not the first time she's spread negative messages about this type of thing either. Remember the appetite suppressing lollipop ad? Or her going on about her detox to quickly lose a few pounds before the Met Gala?

C'mon Kim, you should know better than this.