Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande just revealed matching breakup tattoos, and everyone's confused

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande just revealed matching breakup tattoos, and everyone's confused

We've all done things we wish we hadn't. People have picked the wrong careers, the wrong partners, we've spent many a day pining over someone or something that was bad for us, but for me, tattoos are the best way to express that instant regret.

With that body ink ostensibly being permanent, you really have to hope for the best, and hope that clever symbol or quote doesn't one day make you look silly. But one former celebrity couple have their work cut out to correct the mistakes symbolised by their matching body art.

In the future, when we talk with our children about SNL actor Pete Davidson and popstar Ariana Grande and their whirlwind relationship, we're going to have a hard time convincing them that Ariana Grande broke up with her ex Mac Miller (who then tragically died), hooked up with Pete Davidson, got engaged, moved in together, got a pig together and called the whole thing, all in the space of less than a year.

Ariana Grande Pete davidson Credit: Getty

Regardless of what your standards are for relationships, that's a lot to digest. Luckily, though, it seems as if Davidson and Grande broke up amicably, but as the fire dies on their whirlwind dalliance, things are looking maybe a little too amicable, after they both got matching breakup tattoos in yet another chapter of this quite terrifying romance novel.

Of course, if you were following their relationship through its various ups and downs, you know that the pair occasionally emphasised their love for one another with the help of body ink. Depending on who you ask, Grande and Davidson got between five and 10 tattoos together, so you know it wasn't a one-time thing.

One of the tattoos that Ariana got was "Pete" etched on her ring finger (which I guess signified their engagement) but now that they've broken up, they've decided to cover up their various relationship tattoos, including that finger drawing. But weirdly enough, they both had the same idea...

Check this out, guys. Ariana Grande, in promoting her new single thank u, next, gave us a sneak peek at her ring finger, and the sharp-eyed fans among you will notice that "Pete" has now been covered up by a black heart. Pretty cool, I suppose. But have a look, if you will, at Pete Davidson's neck tattoo of a bunny hood - meant to represent Grande:

But Ariana isn't the only one with a creative way to cover up an ex's tattoo: paparazzi photos show that Pete Davidson also got a tattoo upgrade, but... it's the same one. And it's not the only matching body art the pair have kept, either. This from People:

"The former couple also shared clouds on their finger, the quote 'mille tendresse' from the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the backs of their necks, and '8418' in honor of Davidson’s late father who died in 9/11 on the singer’s ankle and the comedian’s arm.

In addition, the pair had the word 'reborn” and 'H2GKMO' (an abbreviation of Grande’s favorite saying, 'Honest to God, knock me out') on their thumbs — which they got after getting engaged in June. Grande, however, has since covered the word with a feather."

Pete Davidson tattoo Credit: PEOPLE

Ah well, maybe this is just Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's way of telling us that they're actually super cool, despite the breakup.