Piers Morgan and Liam Payne are in a bizarre public Twitter spat over Kylie Jenner

Piers Morgan and Liam Payne are in a bizarre public Twitter spat over Kylie Jenner

If you'd told me years ago that Piers Morgan - a former journalist - would end up getting into a fight with Liam Payne - a former boyband member - over the billionaire status of Kylie Jenner - a reality star - I would perhaps doubt you for a moment. But this is 2019, where Twitter exists and all kinds of celebrity spats are possible.

It all started when Morgan called out the claim that Kylie is a "self-made billionaire", arguing that she's only been able to achieve her wealth thanks to the notoriety of the Kardashians - a lot of which originated from Kim K's infamous sex tape.

"I just thought she got it because she made a sex tape," Morgan said.

Piers Morgan Credit: Getty

"And that's why they've all become hugely rich, because if Kim Kardashian hadn't made the sex tape which then got leaked and then she took ownership of it and made millions and built a whole billion dollar family franchise around it, none of them would have been heard of.

"So when you say 'self-made billionaire', what you mean is her sister had sex with somebody and the tape got 'leaked' and the whole family cashed in. That is, I think, a more honest assessment of this thrilling entrepreneurial story."

You can watch the tirade here:

Perhaps - and I can't believe I'm saying this - he's sort of right? Yes, she has a very successful makeup line, but would it have been so popular without the initial fame of her family? Probably not.

But, in typical Piers fashion, he had to go ahead and make his opinions known in the most obnoxious way possible, which eventually led Liam Payne to clap back with a response on Twitter.

"I’m sorry but piers are you crazy your only here cuz you talk s**t about everyone and make controversial outbursts about people to get attention," he wrote. "At least @KylieJenner has her own business she built herself why not congratulate someone for once instead of knocking people [sic]."

And, again - he's also sort of right. Morgan almost certainly wouldn't still have such a successful career today if he didn't spend most of it insulting people.

But the TV presenter wasn't just going to sit there and take it.

Payne came for a fight, though, and he wasn't going to leave it there.

Unfortunately, he should have realised that Morgan is always petty enough to have the last word.


The thing is, Morgan may like to believe he's won the argument, but the majority of Twitter is behind Payne - not because they think Kylie is a self-made billionaire, but because they're done with such shallow bullying on the internet. Sorry Piers, you definitely are irrelevant. Buh-bye.