Piers Morgan has nominated himself as Theresa May's replacement

Piers Morgan has nominated himself as Theresa May's replacement

For many people around the world, Theresa May's announcement that she would be stepping down as prime minister of UK was a literal godsend. It doesn't matter if you voted to leave or remain in Brexit, the fact is, that was three years ago, and we seem no closer to leaving the EU.

Throw in the police cuts and the robotic personality/dancing, and the fact remains that this country was being led by a PM that so many of her party and nation had lost faith in.

But it seems that we may have celebrated too soon, as now we actually have to replace May. Yes, no matter how awful she was, when you look at the options, you may quickly realise it was 'better the devil you know'.

Five names have already confirmed their intention to stand, and they are:

  • Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt
  • International Development Secretary Rory Stewart
  • Health Secretary Matt Hancock
  • Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson
  • Former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey

I'm sure reading that list encourages a collective "meh" from all of you. But wait - because the worst is yet to come.

Piers Morgan - a man so divisive and controversial he's basically a walking-talking Brexit - has taken to Twitter to throw his name in the hat.

Piers Morgan launches a scathing attack on Kylie Jenner:

The journalist and TV presenter shared the following image to his 6.65 million followers, simply captioned: "It’s time. #PMforPM".

The image shows him standing outside number 10, Downing Street, alongside his co-host Susanna Reid.

Piers tried a vegan sausage roll for the first time... it doesn't go well:

And, as with anything Morgan does, the (hopefully mock) announcement was met with some very divided responses. There were those who were opposed to the idea (and that's putting it nicely):

Piers Morgan tears into big game hunter:

And then there were those who fully supported Piers' claim:

When asked who Piers would choose as his Deputy, Morgan replied: "Susanna Reid. Obviously."