Piers Morgan sparks furious backlash after mocking Chinese language on television

Piers Morgan sparks furious backlash after mocking Chinese language on television

It's 2020, but don't fool yourself into thinking that Piers Morgan has made any New Year's resolutions about toning down his sometimes-questionable behaviour on television.

Indeed, it was only last week that the erstwhile presenter of CNN's Piers Morgan Live stunned viewers with comments he made about Good Morning Britain weather presenter Laura Tobin. He said;

"Can we talk about your hot pants for a moment because you can’t wear something like that and not expect the public…"

He added, "They’re not just a pair of trousers, they’re skin-tight leather hot pants I’ve seen in many a year and you’ve paraded them for your seven day…" before co-host Susannah Reid interrupted him, stating, "She was doing her job as presenting the weather".

Watch the cringeworthy interaction right here:

And this morning, the Good Morning Britain co-host has found himself in hot water once more, after appearing to mock the Chinese language during a segment about Peter Phillips - the Queen's grandson - appearing in a Chinese milk advert.

The presenter appeared to make noises in an attempt to "mimic" the language, and despite co-host Susannah Reid's protests remained defiant.

"I don’t know the Chinese for 'I only drink…' What’s it called? Ching chang cho jo." Piers said, per the Metro, before Reid fired back, "taking the mickey out of other languages is pretty 1970s".

Watch the whole incident in this video:

But Piers wouldn't have it, exclaiming, "Surely you can take the mickey out of it! He’s using ching chang chong milk from the Chinese state – that’s what they said in the advert!"

And Twitter users were less than impressed with Piers' antics. One commented, "So Piers Morgan who spent the whole show yesterday defending that he’s not a racist follows on the next morning mimicking a Chinese accent But I’m sure the @itvstudios will turn a blind eye since it’s “entertaining”"

Former football player John Barnes added, "just saw @piersmorgan on GMB mocking Chinese people on the way they speak, what are the odds he faces no criticism for it... there’s an example for Laurence Fox of white privilege".

And Piers himself weighed in on Twitter, responding to John Barnes' tweet with a message of his own. He wrote;

"I was mocking a member of the British royal family appearing in an advert for Chinese state milk, not Chinese people."

But not everyone was convinced by this explanation. One Twitter user replied;

"You could have done it another way instead of taking the Micky out of how Chinese is pronounced and u know it"

So yes, Piers Morgan is still very much doing Piers Morgan things in 2020.