Pink's husband warns that California wildfire 'looters will be shot on site'

Pink's husband warns that California wildfire 'looters will be shot on site'

Deadly wildfires are raging across California, prompting tens of thousands of residents to flee their homes. In Northern California, the Camp Fire has scorched 130,000 acres, destroyed 8,800 structures and taken 48 lives. Meanwhile, in Southern California, the Woolsey Fire has burned 97,000 acres, obliterated 370 structures and taken two lives.

The Woolsey Fire has not been as destructive as the Camp Fire, but may have made more headlines, as its flames threaten the homes of celebrities in Malibu. Yesterday Liam Hemsworth shared a heartbreaking photo of the pile of smoking rubble that once was his home with Miley Cyrus. The haunting image provided a window into the type of devastation felt by thousands of residents state-wide.

Pink and her husband, off-road truck racer Carey Hart, are among those who were forced to evacuate their homes. On Twitter, the What About Us singer expressed her gratitude to the emergency responders, whom are often risking their own lives to help: "Just need to say THANKYOU to all of the firefighters. All of the first responders. All of the helpers. The thing to look for in tragedy is all of the helpers. We’re all so grateful for your bravery and selflessness."

On Instagram, Carey posted a more menacing message, warning that California wildfire 'looters will be shot on site.' The former motocross racer shared a threatening black-and-white photo of a dozen masked men toting guns. The sign dubs them the "P.D.C. Posse," and it is not clear what stands for. In the comments, Carey said he is not one of the posse, explaining that they are a "group of locals I used to live by."

"It’s unfortunate that some people take advantage of others in a crisis," he wrote in the caption. "While the malibu fires have been burning, some locals have been fighting off and defending their property against the fires. There have been sightings of looters breaking in to homes. Well, if you are a looter, think twice if you are heading back into malibu. #DefendYourLand #2ndamendment."

In the comments, some people disagreed with Carey's Wild West mentality, arguing that there's no need to go full Red Dead Redemption. Instagram user @asiamargophotogarphy wrote, "Unfortunately, there is a lot wrong with this picture and it really goes against what you speak to in your insta posts. Pretty much sums up what's wrong with America. Looters or not." Carey disagreed, replying, "When there is a situation like this with no laws, it's time to protect yourself."

Well, maybe in this case, you shouldn't judge someone if you haven't been in their situation. Imagine coming back to your damaged house, only to see thieves clambering through the rubble, stealing your stuff. Hopefully the firefighters will contain these calamitous wildfires, and there will be no need for violence on the site of destroyed homes. And in related news, I have decided not to loot Pink and Carey Hart's home.