Playboy model issues warning about breast enlargement surgery on Instagram, lamenting E-cup breasts

Playboy model issues warning about breast enlargement surgery on Instagram, lamenting E-cup breasts

As an internationally successful model, Simone Holtznagel is known for her stunning photoshoots, many of which highlight her impressive curves.

However, having big breasts isn't all fun and games - something that Simone made clear on social media this week.

Simone Holtznagel Credit: Instagram/Simone Holtznagel

On Monday, the 25-year-old took to Instagram to complain about the pain that comes with a larger bosom and to warn other women who may be considering enlarging their chests.

Insisting she would put them on the market for "f**king cheap" if she could, the former Australia's Next Top Model star wrote: "As the owner of E+ tiddies, why anyone would want their natural boobs enlarged is beyond me. Big boobs suck, they hurt, your back hurts and most of the time you need to sleep in a crop top and I'll sell them for f***ing cheap just to get them off my chest."

It's not the first time Simone has spoken out about her breasts; in August 2017, the model admitted she was initially reluctant to pose in the nude because she wanted to be taken seriously in the modelling world. However, she eventually relented when Playboy offered her a spot on the cover back in 2015.

Simone Holtznagel Credit: Instagram/Simone Holtznagel

"I have worked really hard since Top Model because I do have big boobs so I had to prove I am not just two really huge tits and a pretty face," Holtznagel told Confidential for the launch of Bras N Things’ new Playboy underwear campaign.

She continued: "I am not a men’s magazine model so when I did get approached I said no straight away and they were like, 'What if you could do the cover?' And I was like, 'sweet'."

After the shoot, she told The Daily Telegraph that she had no regrets, stating: "I kind of struck gold with that. I’m really glad that I did it."

In addition, the former I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star has opened up about the pressure to be thin in the industry.

Simone Holtznagel Credit: Instagram/Simone Holtznagel

Revealing that she had previously been advised to eat only an apple and drink a can of cola a day by an agent, she named the pressure "to look a certain way" as "difficult".

Furthermore, after she came out of the jungle in 2018, she revealed that her agent would be "thrilled" with her weight loss.

After hearing she’d lost 6.3kgs, she said: "I could hear all my agents clapping around the world though, I thought they might be happy about that. My agent was like, 'Imagine how thin you’ll be when you get back (from the jungle). He was like, 'You are going to be malnutritioned [sic], it will be fabulous'."

"I would have preferred eight [kilograms] but I don’t think there is that much to lose," she added.