Plus-size model accuses Future of banning overweight women from Miami nightclub

Plus-size model accuses Future of banning overweight women from Miami nightclub

Last Friday, plus-size model Noamie Chaput, who goes by Nao, claimed she was denied entry to the Miami nightclub Story because she was overweight. According to Nao's publicist, she and a friend were on their way to the venue, where the rapper Future was scheduled to perform, when the promoter texted them, "Don’t even bother coming. Future asked for no fatties."

"So, just got news that this is true, that Future said no fatties in the club—and he has all the rights to do so," she said in a video posted on Instagram. "I'm just trying to understand really why this is, like, a thing. Why is he allowed to put those rules in place... the discrimination is insane to me."

"And it's not that I wanted to see Future personally," she continued, "because I don't give a damn about no f*cking rappers. But it's the fact that it's a thing in 2019 where we can say, 'No fatties on the club.'" Her friend in the video adds, "So the promoter said that at Future’s request, no big girls allowed in club Story. It’s on South Beach, it’s common, no plus-sizes."

On social media, some Future fans were outraged by his alleged discrimination against plus-size women. "And once again future has empowered these rude ass ignorant ass men and women to attack plus size women," wrote one Twitter user, while another declared, "Future is cancelled and deleted from my music library."

Meanwhile, some fans defended Future, explaining that superficial discrimination is all just part of the club scene. "Half the popular clubs in Miami ‘hand pick’ the girls," tweeted one clubber, while another asserted, "yall know damn well thats a club rule when Futures in town, not Futures rule. thats a club rule a lot of places actually. LA. NY. ive seen that shit. its a colorism thing too. POPPY in LA dont be letting plus size or dark women in. have em waiting outside for hours. smh."

On Twitter, Future appeared to respond to Nao's allegation, writing, "STOP CAPPIN ON MY NAME..I love all women 👑." In a video posted on Instagram Stories, he responded to the scandal, insisting he doesn't ban plus-size women from clubs. "Never would I discriminate. Never, ever, ever, ever," said the Mask Off rapper. Then he posted a screenshot of an article about his alleged fat-shaming with the caption: "Stop promoting fake blogs, fake stories, and fake people."

Well, it appears to be a case of he-said, she-said. Did Future order 'no fatties' and lie about it afterward to avoid a controversy? Or did the club promoter make the call, and falsely state it came from Future? We may never know the truth. But on the bright side, Nao, by not going to the club you saved a lot of money. Silver lining!