P!nk claps back at trolls who criticised adorable family photo

P!nk claps back at trolls who criticised adorable family photo

The internet is an amazing place for people who want to interact with their favourite celebrities. Sending out a heartfelt 'thank you' or sharing a special moment with them is as simple as composing a tweet or replying to an Instagram post. Unfortunately, trolling those same celebrities is just as easy, and it happens all too often.

If you're going to try to challenge a celebrity online, though, P!nk is not the one to mess with.

The What About Us musician posted a sweet family photo on Instagram yesterday, showing herself enjoying a meal with her husband, Carey Hart, and two children, Willow Sage and Jameson Moon. She captioned it: "At least twice a week on tour, we shut the door to the outside world and have family dinner. As you can see, it makes Jameson feel deep, deep joy. #lastedsevenminutes #gratitude #space#conversation #loosescrews".

pink with family Credit: Instagram/@pink

To most people, P!nk's choice to share the moment was a heartwarming one. Others, however, didn't quite see the sweeter side of it, and called her out for supposedly contradicting herself.

"Except it's posted on ig," wrote @megablack92.

"'We shut our door to the outside world' ...BUT BUT... I post to IG and contradict myself," added user, @yuni_muni314.

"I love you pink, but the guy as a point, if it was a private dinner how come someone was there to take a photo," concurred @adetuttu.

But the singer wasn't going to just sit there and take such negativity - so she hit back.

pink with her two children Credit: Instagram/@pink

"Yes, I like to promote healthy stuff," she wrote in response to @megablack92. "I also like to remind people to stop being TOTAL DOUCHE BAGS TOO. Consider this your reminder, f**ko."

And others jumped to her defence.

"I love it when families eat dinner together," said user, @dacuster1. "You and your husband are amazing parents. I loved it when you introduced Willow at your Jacksonville concert when you introduced your band. I was hoping you would sing the song with her singing with you at the end. Thank you for an amazing concert."

"Gawd people say stupid things to u!" added @traci9554. "Ugh , how do u handle the comments !😳😡🤭. I like ur pics and thanks for sharing your private moments! We love u pink [sic]."

In a weird twist, the user who initially called her out then went on to say that they were actually a fan.

"Well damn, I was coming to see ya Sunday night in Nashville... still love the music," they said.

But that didn't change a thing.

"That doesn't change my answer," she said. "That just makes you confused."

This, of course, is not the first time that the singer has fought back against trolls who criticise her lifestyle, either. Back in 2017, she revealed that she was going to raise her children without gender norms - and that, too, caused a bit of fuss online.

Judging by the photograph, though, the whole family seem to be very happy with one another, and that matters more than any Instagram post or annoying comment. Grade A parenting, P!nk! Keep it up!