Prince Charles has apparently given Meghan Markle a super-strange nickname

Prince Charles has apparently given Meghan Markle a super-strange nickname

After a considerable amount of publicity and media hysteria, the furore over the royal wedding has finally died down. Yes, in picture-perfect fairy tale fashion, the dashing Prince Harry wed former Suits actress Meghan Markle at a lavish ceremony at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. Now the cute couple have moved into a cottage together at Kensington Palace, and things are looking rosy.

But the question on everybody's lips right now is this: how well is Meghan getting on with the rest of the royal family? Has she managed to endear herself to Queen Elizabeth? How is she getting on with Prince Philip, or the other members of the extended royal family? And what about her relationship with her newfound father-in-law, Prince Charles?

We all know how awkward things can be if you don't get along with your boyfriend's partner, and it's even worse if they still give you the cold shoulder after you've been hitched. Well, the good news is that apparently Prince Charles is very fond of Meghan, to the point where he's taken it upon himself to grant her a super-cute nickname.

According to a source close to the royal family, Prince Charles often calls Meghan "Tungsten." Although it might sound like something you take to cure heartburn, it's actually quite a nice thing to be called. "Tungsten" is actually a Swedish term, which means "heavy stone." It refers to a rare and incredibly robust form of metal, meaning that Meghan is tough and dependable. The insider source claims that: "Prince Charles admires Meghan for her strength and the backbone she gives Harry, who needs a tungsten-type figure in his life as he can be a bit of a softy. It’s become a term of endearment."

Their close bond was also proven when Meghan made the incredibly sweet gesture of asking Prince Charles to walk her down the aisle during the wedding, since her father was unavailable after being forced to undergo heart surgery. Prince Charles was apparently "incredibly touched" to be asked to perform this service for the american actress.

In a recent interview on the talk show Good Morning Britain, Thomas Markle stated that he couldn't "think of a better replacement than someone like Prince Charles ... He looked very handsome and my daughter looked beautiful with him. I was jealous I wish I'd been there I wish it had been me but thank god he was there and thank him for that. It might have been a treat for him as he never had a daughter."

Meghan has also apparently been getting on very well with the queen, and the two have already been photographed at events together, smiling and laughing. I'm personally not at all surprised that Meghan's managed to make such a winning first impression: I think she has the power to charm anybody. She's certainly managed to win over the British public.