Prince Charles is under fire after he refused to eat anything on 'MasterChef Australia'

Prince Charles is under fire after he refused to eat anything on 'MasterChef Australia'

Although the vast majority of us would probably swap lives with him in a heartbeat, it can't be easy being Prince Charles. Yes, you're the heir to the English throne and have one of the most recognisable faces in the country if not the world, but you're under constant pressure to act like a royal at any given time, and I'd definitely get tired of it pretty quickly.

That's why I won't begrudge Prince Charles for a momentary lapse in regality, but the internet at large is having none of it after Prince Charles made a bit of a bizarre appearance on MasterChef Australia earlier this week. Appearing alongside his wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, the 69-year-old undoubtedly made a lot of people very happy by meeting and greeting the various contestants and guests on the show.

Just look at how much fun they're having.

Now, with so many different flora and fauna than we're used to over here in the West, Australia is definitely one of the places to be if you want to try out some weird meals and/or some exotic animal steaks. Goat's cheese mousse, wallaby tarts and green ants are just three of the foods you can try which were available on MasterChef Australia that day, but if you're looking for some firsthand advice about Australian delicacies, then it's probably best not to ask Prince Charles.

Yep: that video above is a little over two minutes long, but the keen-eyed among you will notice that precisely zero seconds of that is dedicated to Prince Charles chowing down on some unique Australian grub. Of course, there's a chance that Prince Charles ate some ostrich or something and nobody filmed it; but I think that it's impossible because it's Prince Charles and it would literally be the only thing worth filming. 

So, you can understand people's assumption that Prince Charles refused to try any of the unique Australian delicacies, not to mention their irritation that Prince Charles went on an Australian cooking show and refused to try any of their  food. I mean, we know from his wife Camilla that the guy loves his cheese, but surely it wouldn't kill him to branch out once in a while? Right?

People were not happy. One person Twitter summed it all up by writing: "Promotion all week 'Cook for Prince Charles' except he doesnt [sic] eat anything. EPIC FAIL." Another said that they felt "cheated" by the lack of adventure on Prince Charles' part, but this being the internet, it wasn't long before Twitter had jokes.

Some people have speculated that Prince Charles' status have resulted in this rather awkward MasterChef appearance, but I for one ain't buying it. Apparently, this is all part of a rumoured Royal Family rule wherein the royals can't be seen eating on camera (for some reason).

Others are saying that the family's moratorium on shellfish or raw meat (for fear of food poisoning) is to blame, but I think that Prince Charles had to know what he was getting into on MasterChef Australia. If he couldn't eat any of the food, then why appear on the show at all?

Poor show, dear chap.