Prince Harry caught on camera stealing food at Meghan Markle's cookbook launch event

Prince Harry caught on camera stealing food at Meghan Markle's cookbook launch event

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are probably finding out right now, married life brings with it a certain level of happiness, trust and - more than most things - comfort. When you've got someone who's legally obligated to stand by you through thick and thin, that support can spur you to scale new heights.

There's always the danger, however, of becoming too comfortable. Mundane Sundays in become Date Night at Home Wednesdays, and before you know it, you're wearing pajamas 75 percent of the time and having fart competitions with one another. Prince Harry might not be at the stage where he's having royal fart competitions with Meghan, but he was caught on camera being a little naughty at his wife's event for the launch of her cookbook.

Meghan Markle, if you didn't know already, is a massive foodie. Becoming a royal's been a little bit harder since she's not allowed to have so many of her favourite foods, and her food blog the Tig was thriving and happy before Prince Harry came along and swept her off her feet.

This is why her latest cookbook is such a big deal; it's her first food-related act as a member of the Royal Family. Together, the Hubb Kitchen Community's charity cookbook, is making waves all around the food community, and Prince Harry was there in support, just as any loving partner worth their salt should be.

Just look at him watching dreamily on as Meghan makes a speech:

Awww, isn't that sweet? But if your heart's melting now, just wait till you see what Prince Harry when the wind dared to get between the blissful newlyweds (can we still call them that after four months?). He may not be able to control the weather (yet), but Prince Harry will be damned if he's going to let the wind ruin his beloved's day.

It's all too much, you guys! But I guess after all that good husband-ing, Prince Harry must have gotten pretty hungry, because cameras caught him doing something a little bit naughty when he thought the cameras weren't looking.

The video below shows the cameras focusing on a gathered crowd, but quickly pans over to Prince Harry walking away from the snack table... what's that you've got there, Harry?

Yes, it appears that the lure of samosas was too much for Harry to resist, and he had to steal a few for the journey home. Look at him, holding them behind his back so nobody can see him pilfering, talking to guests as if nothing's going on, but Harry didn't account for a sharp-eyed cameraman, did he?

Even better, when Harry realises that he was filmed stealing food, he gives a little sheepish grin. He knows he's been caught. Perfect.

All the same, it's good to know that even after the first wave of marital bliss has ended, Harry and Meghan seem pretty happy. And with a secret stash of samosas to help them along, who could blame them?